Luxury Assets

Luxury assets are often purchases of passion. However, as investment portfolios become ever more diverse, they are also an increasingly appealing asset class for individuals and entities across the globe. Indeed, certain collectibles have outperformed stocks over the past decade, most notably rare coins and classic cars.

The Luxury Assets Group is comprised of a number of our contentious and non-contentious specialists from across the firm including: Art Law, Trust and Succession Disputes, Intellectual Property, Real Estate, Family, Reputation Protection and Tax. It means that we are able to provide a wide and deep service to our clients.

Our breadth and depth of experience and insight enables us to intelligently guide our clients; whether they are making an acquisition or sale, restructuring ownership of an investment, wealth planning, lending against assets, settling in trust, administrating an estate or are seeking advice on a dispute.

We offer specialist legal advice with respect to: classic cars; horses; jewellery; collectibles such as stamps, coins and memorabilia; classic haute-couture fashion; musical instruments; and wine.

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