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Solicitor Apprenticeships

The Mishcon Solicitor Apprenticeship is a six year Level 7 programme at the end of which you will qualify as a solicitor. All of your tuition fees will be paid and you will earn a salary whilst you are studying for your degree, undertaking training and gaining your qualification. 

Applications for the 2025 Solicitor Apprenticeship Programme will open on 01 October 2024, and will close on 11 December 2024. As part of the assessment programme, shortlisted candidates will be invited to partake in an assessed week of paid work experience from 14 April – 18 April 2025.

The Early Careers Insights Podcast

The Early Careers Insights Podcast is a series exploring the Solicitor Apprenticeship programme at Mishcon de Reya. Each episode shares insights into life at Mishcon de Reya, our culture and the people who work here, and is based around a key feature of the programme. We would recommend a listen if you are thinking of applying.

In the first episode, we discuss what it's like to work at Mishcon de Reya and some of the ways the Firm supports its Solicitor Apprentices. Read more
In this episode, we discuss the details of the Solicitor Apprenticeship Programme, what it entails and the benefits of pursing the apprenticeship route into the legal profession, as opposed to the more traditional route. Read more
In episode 3, we talk about your average day as a Solicitor Apprentice, and dispel some common apprenticeship myths. Read more
In this episode, we delve into three of the Firm's departments, talking to fee-earners and solicitor apprentices to help gain an insight into some of the work they do. Read more
In this episode,, we discuss the work of the Private, Employment and Real Estate departments. Read more
In this episode, we discuss the importance of making the most out of your time in year 12 and how best to do so. Read more
For the final episode of this series, we talk about the application process for the Solicitor Apprenticeship programme and share some useful hints and tips for each stage. Read more

The Apprenticeship

You will be based in our London office, working alongside leading lawyers across our six departments (Corporate, Real Estate, Litigation, Innovation, Employment & Private). During the first four years you will complete four annual rotations and in the final two years you will join the graduate solicitor intake with four six month rotations. Throughout the six years you will be working for four days per week gaining valuable, real-life experience and spend one day studying with The University of Law.

By the end of the six years you will have a law degree and you will also have passed the Solicitor Qualifying Exams (SQE), comprising of SQE1: Functioning Knowledge Tests and SQE2: Standardised Practical Legal Skills Assessments. The University of Law will provide you with guidance and assistance to help you pass these assessments.

What are we looking for in a candidate?

At Mishcon de Reya our junior lawyers are the future of our business. The future of law is not predictable - the years to come will look nothing like the years that came before. So we need shapers. We need bold individuals who can adapt to seismic changes across the legal, social and political spheres. We need creative thinkers who can revolutionise the way we work.

We do not have a minimum grade criteria however strong academic results are desirable. Our previous solicitor apprentices have had at least 3 A-Levels at grade BBB and 6 GCSEs at grade A*-C or equivalent. Please do not be deterred if your grades are lower than this as we are looking for more than just strong academics.

How much will I get paid?

You’ll earn a starting salary of £27,000 as well as receiving all the various benefits. Your salary will also increase as you progress through the programme. You’ll earn a trainee solicitor salary in your final two years and a Newly Qualified Solicitor salary once you qualify. All your tuition and course material will be paid for.

Please note, our solicitor apprenticeship is not open to people with degrees. If you do have a degree and are interested in becoming a solicitor, see our Legal Graduate page for more details.

Our Apprentices

Ed Dawes, Solicitor Apprentice

Having completed my first year at Mishcon de Reya in the Finance & Banking Dispute Resolution team, I am grateful for their constant support and the diversity of tasks with which I assisted. I thoroughly enjoyed working in a litigious team where I was involved in complex and high value cases, all whilst studying part-time for my law degree.

Molly Kiely, Solicitor Apprentice

My time as Mishcon de Reya has been wonderful so far – my supportive team and cohort calmed any nerves I had about joining. There is a variety of work and departments and always something going on that will pique your interest. Overall, the experience has been invaluable, and I have learned so much. I cannot recommend the program enough for those wanting to pursue a career in Law.

Brandon Farley, Solicitor Apprentice

In my time at Mishcon de Reya, the firm's culture has proved to be the perfect environment to develop myself both professionally and personally. Every member of Mishcon de Reya strives to support and encourage each other to fulfil their potential. This mutual support has allowed me to feel confident and comfortable in every situation I have faced. I am proud to be a part of the team.

Ruya Pancar, Solicitor Apprentice

Being at Mishcon de Reya has meant that I have been working and learning in an environment where I feel comfortable and appreciated. So far, I have been able to get involved with work in different areas of the law and I look forward to continuing through my apprenticeship.

Amani Alom, Solicitor Apprentice

So far, working at Mishcon has been an incredible experience. My team have settled me in so well and I know I am never alone. I have been provided with so many opportunities to work on a broad range of work. I look forward to seeing what the future holds.

Lizzi Horner photo
Elizabeth Horner, Solicitor Apprentice

In my first few months as a Mishcon apprentice, I have been able to learn so much from my team and participate in many interesting projects. I have most appreciated the value Mishcon places on developing our knowledge and skills in a variety of areas and the extensive opportunities we have for learning.

Karolina Tomaite, Solicitor Apprentice

Mishcon has given me an amazing opportunity to learn, collaborate, and gain invaluable experience whilst working amongst the friendliest people. There is a strong atmosphere of support, motivation, and care for each member of the Mishcon team, and I look forward to spending many years being a part of it.

Lillie Hempsell, Solicitor Apprentice

Working for Mishcon these past few months have been amazing. Everyone has been so welcoming and helpful, really making it easy to feel a part of the team. Although I was unsure of what to expect before starting at the firm, it's definitely not disappointed and I can't wait to see what else I can achieve over the next few years here.

The Application Process

Application Form and Future Potential Assessment

The first stage of the process is the application form. This is an opportunity for you to tell us about yourself and what makes you stand out as a candidate. We will ask you for detail about your educational background; your work experience and any other hobbies, interests, qualifications and achievements. Don't worry if you haven't completed any legal work experience, we are looking for any experience where you have gained transferrable skills suitable to being a solicitor. The final section will include some longer form question about why you are interested in being a solicitor; why you've chosen Mishcon de Reya; and why you wish to qualify through the apprenticeship route.

To ensure we get a well-rounded view of all our applicants, the Future Potential Assessment we use as part of our process consists of a blend of scenario-based, numerical and verbal questions, and a short video interview.

The assessment has been designed to look for candidates who are excited to embrace the future of law and apply their intellect and creativity to a variety of work-related situations. The questions will not require any prior knowledge or experience.

Whilst the assessment is untimed, it typically takes approximately 45 minutes to complete.


  • Practice! A practice test, which will be a condensed version of the main assessment, will be provided to ensure you can familiarise yourself with the assessment and let us know if any adjustments are needed.
  • Keep an eye on the deadline. You will normally have a few days to complete the test. Mark this in your diary and plan this time in.
  • Find a quiet space with good internet connection where you won’t be interrupted.
  • Have a calculator, pen and paper to hand before you begin.
  • Complete the assessment in one sitting.
Assessment centre

The first assessment centre takes place online and includes a group exercise and a virtual office exercise.  

The group exercise is a scenario assessment where candidates are required to work as a team to prepare and present at a mock client meeting. Two Mishcon de Reya solicitors will act as clients and assess individuals on their team work, presentation skills and commercial awareness.

During the virtual office, candidates are required to complete a number of tasks in an allocated amount of time. The tasks are similar to those which solicitor apprentices are often asked to complete.

Insight and Assessment Programme

The final stage of our assessment process is an Insight and Assessment Programme. We're delighted to be able to offer this exciting opportunity as part of our Solicitor Apprentice recruitment process. The programme is a unique opportunity for candidates to gain a first-hand insight into Mishcon de Reya, our people and the work we do. For many, this will be the first opportunity to experience what goes on inside a law firm and meet some of our lawyers and current apprentices.

The programme will consist of three office-based days, whereby you will have the opportunity to sit in a legal team and assist with client matters. In addition to experiencing the firm, the programme provides you with an opportunity to demonstrate your skills and why you would make a great Solicitor Apprentice. You will experience similar tasks to those a first year Solicitor Apprentice would undertake, be involved with a group project, complete an independent case study and also be interviewed by fee-earners from across the firm.

Following each stage of our application process you will be contacted by email to update you on your progress. Any further questions please contact us at early.careers@mishcon.com.

See our FAQs

Open Evening

We know that deciding career options can be a daunting time. We are hosting an open evening so you can come and learn more about the firm. This evening is a great opportunity for you to hear from some of our current apprentices, and for you and your parents and carers to understand how apprenticeships work with in a law firm. Plus, it’s a deeper insight into life as a Mishcon de Reya lawyer and a great way to learn how to stand out in your application.

Our next open evening will take place on 19 November 2024. We will update this page shortly with the dates and how to apply. 

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