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A new breed of lawyer, specialising in regulatory law

A world of ever-changing regulation

We live in times of rapid change. Our lives are increasingly lived online and our businesses are increasingly data-driven. Companies must live up to a wider range of responsibilities, owed to a broader set of stakeholders, as we transition to a more sustainable future.

The regulated environment has never been so dynamic, inter-related and complex. Regulatory areas increasingly overlap and Regulators seek new ways to ensure that that they are discharging their responsibility to protect and benefit people, businesses and the environment and to support economic growth.

To prosper in this world, our clients want a different type of lawyer, specialising in regulated work

The lawyers in Mishcon de Reya's Regulatory Group are a joined-up team of specialist regulatory lawyers, rather than lawyers who "do" regulation.

Our expert team provides a creative and holistic approach to help our clients maximise the benefits of operating in regulated environments and identify new opportunities for growth. We harness our combined specialist expertise from different sectors and regulated environments, and deploy the power of our connections in Government, with regulators and with external consultants.

We understand the regulators, and how they think

We have a deep understanding of regulators' mindsets, motivations, priorities and approaches – developed through long experience of working closely with them and enhanced by the presence of former regulators within our team.

Our extensive track record of successfully holding regulators to account in contentious and regulatory enforcement matters gives us unparalleled insight into the best strategies for achieving optimal outcomes for our clients. It also forms the foundation of our constructive relationships with regulators. Even in hard fought contentious matters, we maintain respectful and respected relationships with regulators, maximising our ability to benefit our clients in their ongoing regulatory needs.

The power of collaboration

Whilst our regulatory lawyers are specialists in their own areas, they operate as an integrated team across sectorial expertise. We understand not only that regulatory experience in one sector can provide insights for another, but also that there is increasing overlap with more than one regulator exercising jurisdiction.

In addition to sharing experience between sectors, we also draw on our cross-sector expertise in Data, Investigations & Enforcement and Reputation Protection. The power of this collaboration is highly valued by our clients, regardless of the regulated sector in which they operate.

Horizon scanning

In new and innovative sectors such as cryptocurrency or NFTs, as well as in more mature regulated sectors, we bring to bear our broad regulatory expertise. This enables us to predict what regulation might apply in future and helps our clients manage and adapt to the ever-changing regulatory environment in which they operate.

Read our latest Regulatory law updates and insights.

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How can we help you?

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