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Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

To give the best advice to clients we need not only to employ and work with the best lawyers and business professionals, we must actively seek out as diverse a pool of individuals as possible. Why? Because to enable our clients to shape the world's possibilities requires a broad spectrum of people, each of whom bring their unique perspectives and experience to any advice, transaction or dispute.

Many lawyers came into the profession originally because of their sharp sense of justice, keen to play a role in public life. At Mishcon de Reya we have always embraced our role in public life and supported causes and campaigns driven by our people. From Lord Mishcon's role on the Wolfenden Committee in the 1950s which led to the decriminalisation of homosexuality in the UK,  to our pro-bono work and partnerships, including working closely with Queen Mary University to run Pink Law and the Black Justice Project, free legal advice clinics for the LGBTQIA+ community and the Black community, respectively.

That said, it is not enough to lean on past successes. We need to ensure that these values also drive our business internally. We have long been focussed on achieving greater equality at every level in our business, but there is more for us to do. By critically assessing the initiatives we have in place, never being satisfied when the pace of change is too slow and holding ourselves accountable every day we can and will make change happen.

The Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Committee

The Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Committee is made up of Partners and individuals from across the Firm. Its task is to make sure the Firm continues to be as diverse and inclusive as possible, with the stated aim of removing barriers to this wherever it can. One of its two co-chairs sits on the Board of the Firm with responsibility for ensuring that diversity and inclusion informs the Board's decisions. 

It is responsible for:

  • setting the Firm's equity, diversity and inclusion strategy
  • directing initiatives to fulfil that strategy
  • monitoring and measuring their impact
  • engaging with the business on all EDI activities, actions and plans.

The Disability Equity Committee focuses on promoting disability inclusion as part of our strategic agenda, raising awareness and understanding about disability. They aim to create an inclusive and open environment, in which current and future colleagues with a disability are able easily to obtain the support they need to succeed in performing their roles and during our interview/assessment processes.

The committee is supported by a wider interest group on disability and accessibility which aims to establish an informal support network, raise awareness within the firm and share lived experience.


The Gender Steering Committee focuses on gathering feedback on gender-related issues within the firm and across the legal profession, with the aim of improving diversity across the board and meeting the Firm’s diversity targets. They have looked at topics including Imposter Syndrome, menopause, shared parental leave, men’s mental health and more.

The committee also runs a Working Group on Gender, to allow people from across the firm to engage with initiatives, share their insights as well as their personal experience.

Our Bloody Difficult Women series aims to shine a light on the problematic and misogynistic way that women and minority groups are portrayed in the media. The series also aims to inspire individuals to use their voices and avoid being dismissed as ‘difficult’.


The Pride Steering Committee drives the work of this strand to provide opportunities for LGBTQIA+ staff and allies to network, cross-refer and provide mutual support, as well as collaborate on firmwide initiatives and events.

The wider Pride Network is designed to give visibility and support to the LGBTQIA+ community, both inside and outside of the Firm. The network is open to anyone who is interested in actively supporting and promoting LGBTQIA+ inclusion initiatives.


Our Race Equity Committee is focused on initiatives that move us all towards an anti-racist mind-set and create permanent, systemic change within the firm and ultimately help Mishcon de Reya reflect the diversity of the society in which we live.

Mishcon M:BRACE is our Race Equity Network, which brings together people within the firm and our wider community. The network helps ensure the visibility of Mishcon's growing, ethnically diverse population and that people feel a sense of belonging, inclusion and recognition.

Social Mobility

The Social Mobility Committee play a crucial and strategic role in unlocking opportunity and driving a level playing field for all who wish to enter the legal sector, through events, awareness campaigns and more.

The committee look at a variety of different aspects of social mobility, such as routes into employment, recruitment, progression and culture.


Diversity Reports
Memberships and Pledges
Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Strategy 2024 – 2027
Statement on Slavery and Human Trafficking

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