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The Metaverse, NFTs and Cryptoassets

At Mishcon we are passionate about emerging tech and would love to turn your ideas into reality. We enjoy listening to our clients' plans and getting involved with projects at the forefront of innovation. From advising on luxury brand NFTs, to buying land in the sandbox, we can advise you on every step of the journey.

We are well-positioned to help because we have specialists across the firm in this area, they work collaboratively together to advise you from every angle. This includes experts in Advertising, Art, Betting and GamingCommercial Contracts, Cryptocurrency FraudData, Dispute Resolution, esports, Intellectual Property, Media and Interactive EntertainmentRegulation, Tax and Wealth Planning, Sport, Sustainability and Technology. Our lawyers also work closely with our in-house team of software engineers at MDRx.

Learn more about our work in this area, including our services and case studies of other projects we have worked on. You can also sign up to receive updates from us on metaverse and web3.0 issues, and see more news and insights below:


The Metaverse

With the continued development of the Metaverse comes the vital need for businesses and individuals to keep up to speed on the key legal issues and developments arising from it. However, many still question what exactly the metaverse is.  

At its core, the metaverse is the merging of the physical world and the digital world. It's comprised of online immersive environments, or 3D virtual worlds, where users can interact with each other using digital identities, including the ability to create, purchase and sell digital assets.  

These virtual environments use a blend of emerging technologies, such as artificial intelligence (AI), blockchain, cryptocurrency, virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality, to immerse users in a 3D digital experience.

NFTs and Cryptoassets

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs), fan tokens and other cryptoassets are shaping consumer habits in the worlds of art and fashion and connecting fans to sports teams in greater depth. Brands are using NFTs and cryptoassets as tools for greater engagement with their customers through token-gated commerce, events and focus groups as well as producing physical and digital product packages.

This increases engagement with the brand's community providing innovative loyalty schemes and rewards. In addition, cryptocurrency is becoming an integral part of our financial system and is increasingly used for trading and investment. Cryptocurrencies can make transactions quicker, cheaper and more accessible. It is thought that NFTs and cryptoassets will underpin "Web3.0" which is considered the next generation of the internet, allowing greater ownership and control over digital assets through blockchain technology. However, as well as new opportunities, these emerging technologies also bring with them new areas of risk, regarding regulatory compliance, wealth planning, theft, misuse and brand management.

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