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Crisis and Risk Management

Even the best run business can find itself suddenly embroiled in a crisis. A cyber attack, supply chain failure, or senior misconduct: no one can predict the unpredictable, but we can help mitigate the risk and minimise the consequences.

When dealing with crisis and risk, having effective plans ready to implement means your business and reputation are more likely to survive with minimal impact. Whether business or personal, we can help reduce and resolve critical exposure through proactive crisis and risk management.

Crises and risks can occur at any time, threatening to ruin your reputation, paralyse your operations and potentially bring down your business. We develop appropriate responses to many situations, including:

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Supply chain, workforce, market or political pressures

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Data breaches, cyber attacks, phishing and data theft


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Equipment failures, stock shortages, demonstrations or customer boycott

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Employee and leadership behaviour/conduct, counter terrorism/security risk, loss of key staff and board members

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Adverse media scrutiny, fake news, breach of confidence, blackmail and harassment

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Fire, floods and other environmental disasters, contagious diseases

Our approach

This is not a time for denial or delay. We’ll move swiftly and decisively, following our proven approach which comprises three phases: Anticipate, Address, Adjust.

1. Anticipate

We will work with you to identify crises and risks, prepare robust plans and train the right people to act quickly and confidently. We’ll help you test your plans, and practice responses, as well as reviewing themes regularly to pre-empt emerging challenges.

2. Address

The crisis or risk has materialised. Our team will support you at every step as you respond – constantly monitoring and adapting, using the latest, reliable information to advise your decision making.

3. Adjust

Guide your post-crisis management to quickly establish ‘business as usual’. By studying the crisis or risk, we can bolster future responses.  If some damage has been unavoidable, we’ll suggest strategies to rebuild confidence amongst all stakeholders, so you can focus on the future.

Get in touch

If you are interested discussing your risk and crisis planning, please get in touch. If you would like immediate crisis support, please use our crisis hotline, or our cyber incident response line.

You can also download our risk analysis template to help you to identify potential risks and the level of disruption and harm they could cause.

Download template

How can we help you?

How can we help you?

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