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Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) are both sub-sets of the broad field of data science, the purpose of which is the extraction of insights from data. Tech-savvy businesses and governments are increasingly deploying AI and ML to derive insights and guide their decision-making in an increasingly complex, data-heavy world.

Often used interchangeably, the terms AI and ML actually refer to two distinct concepts. The term 'AI' describes a systems ability to imitate or perform human-like behaviours through the 'intelligent' interpretation of data. The term 'ML' refer to a subset of AI systems – more specifically systems which are taught to 'learn' from and make decisions based on insights derived from large quantities of data. AI and ML systems take a number of forms and the rapid advancement of these technologies are opening up new possibilities at an extraordinary pace.

The legal and regulatory environments occupied by data science and its constituent applications such as AI and ML is immature, evolving and increasingly complex. Our diverse team of experts is comprised of lawyers, computer scientists, cyber security experts, developers and academics and is well placed to conduct system audits and healthchecks, and advise on and assist with the technical and strategic implementation of AI and ML applications within your business from proof of concept phase to final roll-out, all the while ensuring compliance by design.

Whether you’re bringing AI technology to market or using it, our specialist lawyers will fully understand your specific needs and provide all the relevant legal services, including:  

  • AI regulatory   
  • Commercialisation and protection of intellectual property and data   
  • Corporate fundraising  
  • Consumer protection   
  • Data privacy   
  • Employment  
  • Patent strategy and filing  
  • R&D tax reliefs  
  • Terms of business and T&Cs   

Although artificial intelligence and machine learning systems are becoming increasingly prevalent in businesses of all kinds, many organisations are unaware of the risks associated with creating and using AI and ML technology. Existing cyber insurance generally doesn't fully cover machine learning systems and current legal remedies may not adequately address the ever-changing risks. For example, this may include failures of AI resulting in bodily harm or damage to tangible or intangible assets. With insurance companies exploring the gap between existing cyber insurance and AI/ML-specific insurance, our specialist insurance disputes team can provide key insurance coverage advice in this exciting and developing sector.

Education Programmes

We offer half-day and full-day education programmes and workshop sessions for private-sector businesses, government departments and branches of civil service wishing to enhance their understanding of data science, AI and ML, their potential applicability and the strategic, legal, regulatory and technical considerations surrounding their implementation.

MDRx, our dedicated digital transformation business, also work closely with a wide range of clients to design, engineer and integrate impactful and compliant Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning systems within their organisations.

Get in touch

If you are interested in data science, AI or ML and would like to discuss further with one of our experts, please get in touch with any member of the AI and ML Group, the MDRx team, or your usual Mishcon contact.


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