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Innovative Client Service

A commitment to client service, as outlined in our ten year vision, is key in driving innovation and change within our organisation. We understand the importance of innovating to maximise our effectiveness and efficiency for our clients.

Our innovative service delivery approach is based on three guiding disciplines: Technology, Efficient processes and Client care.

Client Care

Collaboration and clear and regular communication are at the heart of successful relationship building between our teams and our clients' teams. Excellent service delivery means providing our clients with visibility and access to all relevant information concerning their legal matters at all times. This is why we can offer bespoke client portals, giving our clients direct, 24/7 access to key information, updates and legal documents, and allowing interaction with the legal team directly, via the platform. Our HighQ Collaborate platform allows us to build a secure collaboration space that can be tailored to the needs of our clients.

For more complex legal disputes or transactions, we can also offer additional Legal Project Management support. As an integrated member of the matter team, the Legal Project Manager (LPM) can take on the operational and organisational responsibilities of a multi-jurisdictional or multi-divisional case or transaction, ensuring that our work is delivered on time and on budget, whilst freeing up our lawyers to focus on legal work and delivering outcomes for our clients.

Client Feedback

"World class" in customer experience

Since 2014, working with an independent research company, we have conducted bi-annual interviews and surveys with our clients from across the firm. Our clients are asked to score us on 3 key areas: Getting the basics right, providing the best advice and building relationships. In 2022 we scored an average of 9 out of 10, across all 3.

We also ask them how likely they are to recommend us so that we can calculate our Net Promoter® Score (NPS®). This is one of the most common customer experience metrics used by companies around the world and is a widely used indicator of customer sentiment and loyalty. Our current NPS score is deemed to be "world class". As we continue to provide very high levels of service and are held in esteem by our clients, there is always more we can do, and the feedback provided by our clients is key in driving innovation and change within our organisation and our client service delivery approach. 

Technological Innovation

We act for some of the world’s most prominent technology companies, as well as rapidly growing clients deploying innovative technologies in order to disrupt traditional industries, from advertising and HR management to sport.  We understand the role technological innovation can play in making our clients' experience simpler and better.

We were the first UK law firm to launch an in-house e-discovery business, MDR Discover, which uses Relativity as an e-disclosure platform with machine learning tools to review documents. Our Litigation Support Hub and Transaction Support Hub give our lawyers access to a wide range of legal technology to streamline and improve our service delivery. Our tech tools range from ContractExpress, DraftWise and Litera Check for document drafting, through to Kira and Della for data extraction, and HighQ Collaborate for matter management, and Bundledocs for bundle and deal bible creation.

Through close co-operation with our in-house LegalTech incubator and investment arm, MDR Lab, we keep abreast of the latest tech developments and enter partnerships with transformative tech companies, including: Thirdfort for automated client on-boarding; live time-recording via Ping; and DraftWise, a knowledge management platform.

Efficient Processes

We believe in the power of multi-disciplinary legal service teams. Our network of Legal Technology Experts, Legal Solutions Engineers and specialist service teams focus on the delivery of an efficient, client focused and cost effective service, allowing our lawyers to concentrate on delivering high-end legal advice.

Our team of Legal Solutions Engineers develops new ways of working and introduces technology solutions for legal processes that are otherwise manual, high-risk and expensive.

Our Litigation Support Hub and Transaction Support Hub are set up to provide our legal teams with a comprehensive menu of support services, tailored to the unique requirements of each matter. It connects lawyers to in-house service teams, ranging from Legal Project Managers, through to Legal Technologists and specialist in-house services, such as MDR Discover, MDR Cyber, Forensic Accounting and Research.

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