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Distributed ledger technologies (DLT) such as blockchain are incredibly exciting. Increasingly, our clients' projects go beyond the now well-trodden path of cryptocurrencies and we are seeing new and novel DLT platforms and cryptoasset applications. These developments do not exist in a vacuum. In order to understand how it fits within your existing business and the prevailing legislative and regulatory environment, you need professional advisors who are technical, legal and regulatory experts and who have a deep understanding of the industry. Our Blockchain Group is comprised of lawyers, computer scientists, cyber security experts, developers and academics and is well placed to advise on and assist with the technical and strategic implementation of blockchain solutions within your business, from proof of concept phase to final roll-out, while maintaining legal and regulatory compliance in what is a complex and rapidly evolving environment.

Our Blockchain Group is highly-specialised, can advise on all aspects relevant to the space and are technology platform agnostic. We will challenge and guide your thinking to reach a solution which is right for you and your business.

  • Our clients include the full spectrum of those operating in the art world such as art dealers, galleries, auction houses, artists, collectors, and museums. Repeated issues arise over ownership, provenance, attribution, authenticity and illegally expropriated artworks and cultural heritage property.
  • We also advise on sales, purchases, loans and consignments of art works, as well as the exploitation and protection of intellectual property rights relevant to art such as copyright, trademark and artists’ resale rights.
  • Blockchain technology may well have helpful applications in the art market. For those pioneering its use, we can advise on the relevant legal, regulatory and technical considerations which may arise in its implementation.

  • We have extensive experience advising on the legal, regulatory and technical aspects of cryptoassets.  We have led on and contributed our market-leading experts to a number of industry-wide consultations and working groups seeking to bring clarity to this exciting and rapidly evolving space.
  • Our diverse range of experts regularly advise on cryptoassets' interaction with prevailing data protection, financial and other regulatory frameworks, in particular in the telecoms, healthcare and government sectors.
  • In addition to advising our clients on fundraisings (including ICOs, STOs, IEOs and more traditional fundraising routes), we also advise on early stage technology decisions, platform selection, KYC/AML compliance and on-going commercial arrangements.

  • We have experience working with central government departments and branches of the civil-services on the development and adoption of formal policy in respect of blockchain technology.
  • We have worked with our clients and strategic partners to develop a robust use case evaluation criteria for government departments to refer to when considering a proposal in respect of blockchain technology.
  • We have run education workshops for senior government figures, in each case tailored to the audience's jurisdiction, technical knowledge and culture.

  • We recognise the potential applicability of blockchain technology to underpin identity management platforms, improving individual's control over their personal data, including health-related data.
  • We have provided guidance on possible technical innovations which might be adopted to ensure a blockchain used in the healthcare industry remains compliant from a data protection perspective.
  • We recognise the value of auditable pharmaceutical supply chains and have experience on the implementation of a blockchain solution relating to the life-cycle of a widget, many aspects of which would be directly transferable to the pharmaceutical industry.

  • We are partnered with Accord Project, the global leader in developing open-source code and specifications for smart legal contracts.
  • We have launched and chair a working group focussed on developing techno-legal specifications and open-source technology for legal smart contracts in the real estate and construction industries.
  • We have sponsored DLT Field Labs with UK Digital Capital, which aims to develop proof of concept blockchain projects which work for our clients in the construction industry.

  • We recognise the potential applicability of blockchain technology to underpin identity management platforms, improving individual's control over their personal data.
  • We are aware of the disruptive effect this may have on the recruitment industry and can advise on how new entrants or incumbents might adopt blockchain technology to gain a competitive advantage in the space.
  • We have advised on a blockchain-based identity management platform proof of concept, many aspects of which would be directly transferable to the recruitment sector.

  • We are heavily involved in the retail supply chain space and continue to provide thought leadership on the implementation of blockchain solutions in this area.
  • We have the technical expertise to understand how a blockchain solution can fit into a given supply chain with minimum level of disruption to a business' existing practice.
  • We have experience advising on the implementation of a blockchain solution relating to the life-cycle of a widget.

The sectors listed above are indicative only and many of the concepts and use-cases provided are applicable across a variety of industries.  Whatever your business and proposal, our team of experts are well placed to advise and answer any questions you may have.

Our Blockchain Group is underpinned by our network of specialists around the firm, who can advise on everything from corporate structuring, intellectual property, data protection and tax, through to fraud, white collar crime and reputation protection experts.

Education programmes

We offer half-day and full-day education programmes and workshop sessions for government departments, branches of civil service or private-sector businesses who wish to enhance their understanding of blockchain technology, its potential applicability and the strategic, legal, regulatory and technical considerations surrounding its implementation. 

MDRx, our dedicated digital transformation business, also work closely with a wide range of clients to design, engineer and integrate impactful and compliant blockchain systems within their organisations.

Further details are available on request.

Get in touch

If you are interested in blockchain technology and would like to discuss further with one of our experts, please get in touch with any member of the Blockchain Group, the MDRx team or your usual Mishcon contact.

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