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Employment Services to Start-up/Scale-up

Engaging the right people at the right time is crucial for  any new business' progress and throughout its journey. Relying on our deep knowledge of emerging companies we can help nascent businesses to implement a UK and global talent strategy to enable fast growth.

We have developed a range of practical, targeted services that deliver cost-effective approaches tailored to the specific employment needs of emerging companies, both from the outset and as they scale. Our services can help businesses to save time, avoid common pitfalls, and make recruiting, managing and retaining the best talent simpler and more successful, in a fast growth environment.

Our key employment services include: 

At an early stage, businesses may have little or no HR resource. However, that should not hinder growth. Our HR consultancy provides an expert, strategic talent solution that understands business' needs at this crucial stage of development, and helps them to attract, nurture and retain the people they need, as well as providing strategic mentorship for founders and boards.

We also offer our exclusive CPO-VC model – providing an integrated, outsourced, Chief People Officer solution for VCs, venture builders, PE's, hedge funds and any other venture organisations providing investment and building businesses; as well as for their portfolio companies.

VEC is an on-demand model that gives emerging businesses access not only to our Talent Solution, but also global legal and immigration support. Flexible to satisfy a businesses' evolving needs, it offers a range of pricing options, from purchasing hours only to a full subscription service.  Our VEC service is ideal for growing businesses which need what is effectively in-house legal expertise on tap. Clients tell us they find this way of working with us really helpful as we offer a discount for a commitment to purchase a set number of hours, which you can call off as and when you need – allowing flexibility and control over spend.

Growing businesses often need to bring specialist talent to the UK or, increasingly, to look overseas to attract or retain necessary talent. Our global immigration support provides a cost-effective route for emerging and fast growth businesses to navigate and comply with immigration laws, so they can secure the people they want.

When hiring talented people to work remotely from another country, most emerging businesses do not have the time or resources to research the complex risks, rules, or requirements (including the tax implications) involved with doing so. Our global remote worker country reports simply explain the law and general landscape in a number of jurisdictions, so that new businesses understand what they are getting into before committing to hiring decisions, helping them to recruit with confidence, and manage risk accordingly.

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Money and time are usually short for start-ups/spin outs, which is why we offer our fixed price HR compliance starter pack – readily available, ensuring legal compliance and alignment with best practice to make businesses investment ready, and honed by years of employment law expertise.

How can we help you?

How can we help you?

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