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Mishcon Tulip (Dispute Resolution)

Mishcon Tulip

Tulip® (Turning Losses into Profits) was the first ever law firm product designed to combat the multi-billion dollar industry of international counterfeiting and other intellectual property theft.

A multi-jurisdictional product, Tulip® will convert any Intellectual Property Enforcement Unit into a profit centre. We have deployed Tulip® in numerous industries with substantial success, including for technology, fashion and luxury goods, finance, sport, recruitment, life sciences and pharmaceutical clients.

Our approach to protecting and enforcing intellectual property combines our Fraud & Asset Recovery expertise and our Intellectual Property / Brand Protection expertise. Our insight into how international criminals work and the way they conceal their assets gives us the ability to find and recover proceeds of crime no matter where they are. Our intellectual property expertise enables us to use all of the weaponry available to brand owners to protect their business.

Working alongside our international network of Tulip® specialists and experienced Tulip® investigators with specialised web tracking software gives us a substantial advantage in identifying the key targets that our clients need to focus on and assist in recovering concealed assets.

Tulip® has helped us to recover over £300mn for our clients since its inception.

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How can we help you?

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