Katy Ling

Cyber Intelligence Analyst (non-lawyer)

Personal Profile

Katy is a Cyber Intelligence Analyst within the digital investigations team in MDR Cyber. She is an open-source (OSINT) intelligence specialist whose clients have included large technology companies, overseas governments and betting and gaming clients. 

Katy previously worked at a global risk consultancy working with law enforcement and developing intelligence on cyber criminals. She holds a Master's degree from King's College London in Intelligence and International Security and works closely with our legal teams predominantly on fraud and other contentious cases. 

Katy has pioneered the team's development into privacy and reputation audits for high net-worth clients. She has a keen interest in Cyber Threat Intelligence, advising our clients on external threats and mitigation. Katy also has an interest in video-game piracy and has conducted investigations into those proliferating services which infringe intellectual property laws.

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How can we help you?

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