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The Pocket Guide to Neurodiversity with Daniel Aherne


The Academy will be joined by Daniel Aherne, author, speaker and neurodiversity awareness trainer. Daniel Aherne has worked in neurodiversity in a workplace context for over 15 years, having spent much of his career with the National Autistic Society’s employment team and as a Disability Adviser at St Georges University.

In his book, The Pocket Guide to Neurodiversity, Daniel provides a clear introduction to neurodiversity and the four most common neurodivergent identities of autism, ADHD, dyslexia and dyspraxia. Using an analogy of a cactus needing a desert to grow in, he emphasises the importance of getting the environment right for neurodivergent people, rather than expecting them to adapt to the neurotypical world. Daniel, who himself has ADHD, also explains how neurodivergent people often have great strengths alongside areas of difficulty, and writes about the interplay between diagnoses, as well as unpacking tricky concepts such as working memory, sensory processing, communication differences and more.

The book provides common misconceptions and setting out simple tips and guidance for supporting the neurodivergent people around you, whether among your family, friends or within the workplace. It is also useful for neurodivergent individuals to understand others. This guide aims to celebrate neurodiversity and foster more inclusive communities.

Copies of the book will be available for those who attend the session in person. 

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