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Mishcon START

START: supporting new businesses from the very beginning.

Aimed at start-ups, the START product provides a suite of key legal documents for those companies with two or more shareholders, including articles of association, shareholders’ agreements, and employment contracts, as well as addressing intellectual property (IP) and real estate legal needs.

We understand that time and money can be scarce for fledgling companies and that legal concerns can be a real stumbling block when setting up new businesses. We have used our experience in advising entrepreneurs on how to grow their businesses to develop START, a comprehensive suite of legal documents at a fixed price.

START also includes face to face consultations with our legal experts and a selection of fact sheets and top tips.

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In 2015 Mishcon de Reya and City AM first came together, along with experts from The Supper Club, Seven Hills and The Entrepreneurs Network, to identify 100 of the most exciting, fast-growing companies in the UK. Now in our second year with another exciting 100 companies to watch, we continue to track the challenges and the hopes of this brave and economically vital group via regular polls, round tables and events, sharing the collective portrait that emerges. To find out more about the Leap, please click here.

Who is START aimed at?

START is aimed at start-up private companies with two or more individuals as the founder shareholders. START will:

  • formalise the business and employment relationship between the founder shareholders and the company;
  • advise on essential intellectual property protection; and
  • provide useful top tips and fact sheets on topics key to the success of start-up businesses.

How much does the START legal offering cost?

START is a fixed price product, price on application.

Why do I need START?

Forming a company with a formation agent or accountant will not deal with the typical issues which can arise between individuals in business together. Nor will it provide key advice relating to the business' intellectual property or help you avoid other common legal pitfalls, such as relating to business premises. We are experienced in these issues. We will provide documents which protect the business and minimise the risk of disputes. We will advise on how to avoid a shareholder being diluted; on protecting against shareholders transferring their shareholdings to outsiders or leaving to work for a competitor; and ensure any IP is owned by the company.

Why is START different?

START cost effectively packages the core documents which you will need together with an opportunity to meet with our legal experts. We have designed the documents carefully to allow you to choose from a range of common solutions to the issues faced by companies and their founder shareholders, whilst minimising the time required of you. The documents are drafted to get you started. For the more complex provisions you might need further down the line, we will be here to help as your business grows and can provide additional advice you need separately from START.

What is included in START?


1 hour consultation for the founders with a company law specialist who will be joined by an employment specialist
1/2 hour consultation with a lawyer specialising in IP protection


  • Shareholders' agreement
  • Articles of association of the company
  • Guide to the shareholders' agreement and articles - a short summary of the key protections
  • Shareholder and board decisions to implement the arrangements
  • Completion of Companies House Forms and statutory registers
  • Tax elections under the "restricted securities" regime, where appropriate
  • Service agreements for the founder shareholders who will also be executive directors
  • Employment contracts for up to 3 other employees
  • Disciplinary and grievance procedures
  • Assignment of intellectual property to the company (where appropriate and ownership can be easily identified)

Fact sheets and top tips

  • Trademark fact sheet
  • Top tips – how to pitch an idea without losing it
  • Best practice guidance on domain name registration
  • Top tips for entering into a commercial lease
  • Top tips for running a business from home
  • Top tips for renting space in serviced offices
  • Top tips for hiring employees
  • Explanation of the "restricted securities" regime

Will you give tax advice?

We will not be providing tax advice as part of the START product. The only exception is that we will provide limited tax advice on the "restricted securities regime".

Will you form the company for us?

Company formation is not part of the START package. This is because forming the company yourself is straightforward and likely to be much cheaper using one of the online company formation agents. We can form the company if you prefer, but it would be costed separately.

What should I do if I would like to get started?

If you would like to get started, please email start@mishcon.com. We will then contact you and answer any questions you have about the product and explain the next steps.


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