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Comprehensive cross-sector regulatory excellence

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An increasingly far-reaching, interconnected and complex regulatory landscape means you need access to expertise across a whole range of areas outside your area of expertise. Either that or run the risk of letting what isn’t your core business put your core business at risk.
Introducing Mishcon REGULATE. 

Helping you to comply with non-sector specific but business critical regulation.

What is Mishcon REGULATE?

In addition to having deep industry-specific regulatory expertise across a wide range of sectors - including Betting & Gaming, Charities, Life Sciences, and Financial Services - we also excel in understanding the overarching regulatory frameworks that shape all businesses and in defending your interests in regulatory engagements.

Mishcon REGULATE is designed to make life simpler and more efficient, to ease the complexities of regulation, with one point of contact, one seamless plan, one monthly invoice. After all, you have better things to do with your time. Like running a business.

What does Mishcon REGULATE provide?

With an in-depth understanding of your business, we provide consistent, dependable, and specialised cross-sector regulatory advice to meet your unique business needs. We bring deep expertise to the table to help you prioritise and adopt best practice. We will support you with:


Guiding your business with day-to-day regulatory support and advice.


Training for your board and staff to ensure ongoing regulatory compliance.

Crisis Management

Developing crisis support procedures, and defending your interests, if necessary.

What are the benefits?

What cross-sector areas do we offer?

Anti-money laundering

Measures and policies to prevent and detect the acquisition and laundering of assets that are the result of criminal activity. For businesses in regulated sectors, AML controls are mandatory. For others, AML controls mitigate the reputational and legal risks involved in handling the proceeds of crime.

Advertising and marketing

A complex landscape governed by a mix of laws and regulations, industry codes and guidance, all aimed at ensuring that advertising is legal, truthful and not misleading. This area of law balances creative marketing practices with consumer protection, intellectual property rights, and fair competition, adapting to the challenges posed by both traditional and digital media landscapes.


Competition law promotes or seeks to maintain market competition and the protection of consumers by regulating anti-competitive conduct in the market. In the UK, Competition law is regulated by the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) but often involves cross-border investigations by international bodies.


Laws and standards designed to protect and empower consumers, ensuring fair business practices, product safety and accurate information to foster a balanced marketplace.

Data protection and privacy

Safeguarding individuals' personal data by setting standards for its collection, processing and storage while granting individuals rights over their data. It's governed by various laws and regulations, granting individuals certain rights over their personal data.


New ESG regulations are emerging fast. Mandatory disclosures, due diligence and new corporate practices are forcing businesses to adapt their governance and management practices. Compliance requires significant investment; successful adaptation demands horizon-scanning and anticipation.

Health and safety

Rules and standards aimed at promoting corporate regulatory compliance and safeguarding the health, safety and well-being of individuals in various environments by mitigating risk and implementing safe policies and procedures.

Online safety

Regulated by Ofcom, the Online Safety Act (OSA) is designed to create a safer online environment by imposing duties on online platforms and search engines to protect users, particularly children, from harmful and illegal content.


Measures imposed by governments or international bodies which require businesses to conduct thorough due diligence and compliance checks to avoid significant impact on their businesses, affecting trade, investment, and other commercial activities.

Supply chain governance

Guidelines and regulations designed to ensure a company's supply chain operates in a legal and ethical way. It is designed to reduce the risk of exposure to various risks such as bribery, corruption, tax evasion, and fraud.

Start your journey with Mishcon REGULATE

Whether you need ad-hoc or ongoing regulatory legal advice, training or crisis support we are here to help. To find out more or to kick off your project, complete the form below or email regulate@mishcon.com

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