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Matrimonial Finance

Financial applications

Where a relationship breaks down, a financial claim will frequently follow, whether for division of assets on divorce, or in respect of a child. We provide bespoke advice and assistance to families encountering divorce or separation and their consequences. We appreciate the complexity that wealth brings and assist our clients and their families to create wealth planning, family governance and risk management strategies that avoid the potentially corrosive impact of relationship disputes and to provide solutions ensuring the successful transfer of intergenerational wealth.

We have extensive experience in cases featuring assets held through corporate or trust structures, inherited wealth and offshore assets. We work closely with our colleagues in Mishcon Private to address any matters that arise in relation to trusts, wills and immigration or issues involving reputation, property, art and other luxury assets, ensuring that joined up, collaborative advice is provided and enabling our clients to focus on what really matters to them.

Strategic international legal advice for high-net-worth individuals

High net worth families are increasingly mobile, moving between and having ties to various different legal jurisdictions which can lead them to having complex international arrangements. We work with legal and associated specialists worldwide, with an awareness that frequently, advice needs to be obtained rapidly, so that appropriate steps can be taken in the right place, at the right time.

Using cyber intelligence to discover hidden assets

Conscious that, on occasion, attempts are made to conceal assets and financial resources, we work closely with our colleagues in MDR Cyber, combining cyber intelligence skills with traditional investigative techniques to find hidden connections and critical evidence buried in open source material.

Non-court dispute resolution

We are members of Resolution and offer a bespoke Non-Court Dispute Resolution service assisting separated couples achieve a suitable outcome with less cost and acrimony. Where agreement cannot be reached, we have successfully litigated matrimonial finance cases at all levels of tribunal, including precedent-setting cases in the Supreme Court and Privy Council.

How can we help you?

How can we help you?

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