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Our Luxury Assets Group spans all areas of our legal services. It comprises a number of our contentious and non-contentious specialists from across the firm including: Art Law, Trust and Succession Disputes, Intellectual Property, Real Estate, Family, Reputation Protection, Insurance, Corporate and Tax. The breadth of our expertise allows us to cover a wide range of legal issues.

We understand that our clients are passionate about their luxury assets, whether it is part ownership of a racehorse, an island or a classic motorbike. These assets can be part of a lifestyle and an identity. 

We are experienced in intelligently guiding our clients - whether it's on an acquisition, a sale or loan, restructuring ownership of an investment, wealth planning, lending against assets, settling in trust, administrating an estate or seeking advice on a dispute.


Advising clients across all equestrian disciplines on transactions including ownership and part ownership agreements; import/export and tax obligations; disputes concerning all aspects of ownership and equine sport including  regulatory and reputation.

Advising clients on transactions and disputes arising from ownership. We can assist on litigation, tax, holding structures, employment and art on yachts. We have assisted clients on a diverse range of vessels acquired for different purposes.

Providing legal advice pre- and post-acquisition, we are well versed in due diligence and the issues that can arise following purchase. We assist clients on a variety of marques  of classic car. Our expertise is wide in scope from advising on holding structures for collections, through  to litigating on disputes over title, authentication, condition, and negotiating on behalf of clients over  bodywork. 

Advising clients on a diverse range of collectibles and artefacts from due diligence, purchase, tax, holding structures, loan and gifting, through to assistance on  all types of dispute resolution.

Advising on the acquisition and disposal of a number of high value private jets for ultra HNW clients. We have also advised on holding structures bearing in mind in particular, the EU VAT rules as well as assisting on the succession issues as a result of the death of the principal beneficiary (and the key user of the plane). 

Assisting a variety of clients in connection with the acquisition and sale of high value residential property across the UK and central London. We have recently acted in connection with a residential development worth circa £100 million and also with the purchase of a polo field.

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