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Mishcon Regulatory Presents: Too big to regulate?

Posted on 10 December 2021

From aggregation of customer data at scale to platform dominance, have we woken up to the threat to democracy posed by the power of a small group of tech companies or are we too late?

In our first Regulatory Thought Leadership episode, Mark Deem and Anne Rose, in conversation with Damian Tambini, discuss the steps we may need to take to achieve the balance between regulating Big Tech as 'gate keepers' to the digital world and protecting the rights of individuals, whilst ensuring that innovation is allowed to thrive for societal good.

Damian Tambini is a senior lecturer at the London School of Economics, associate fellow at the Institute for Public Policy Research and the Oxford Internet Institute, fellow of the Royal Society of Arts and serves on the advisory groups of the Oxford Media Convention and Polis, and author of Regulating Big Tech.

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