Brand Matters

Issue 15
6269Editor's Note

Editor's Note

Welcome to our final edition of Brand Matters for 2019.

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Is the future of fashion in gaming?

As with Louis Vuitton, fashion brands have begun to explore this sector. It appears, in part, due to consumer values being increasingly prioritised towards the sustainability, quality and conscientiousness of fashionwear and the opportunities that gaming technology affords fashion brands to address these concerns.

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May your ads be merry and right

The build up to Christmas is the busiest time of the year for many retailers. To seize on this opportunity, businesses invest heavily in their Christmas advertising campaigns.

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Tips to promote sustainable credentials and avoid greenwashing claims

As consumers' concern for the environment continues to grow, brands must navigate the advertising of their green and environmentally friendly credentials with care.

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12095Modernisation of the EU consumer law landscape: “Omnibus Directive”

Modernisation of the EU consumer law landscape: “Omnibus Directive”

The European Council recently voted to approve a Directive intended to modernise the vast raft of consumer law applicable within the EU as part of plans to protect consumers from unfair and opaque business practices and to bolster consumer rights.

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12103Copyright for designs? CJEU bolsters protection of product design

Copyright for designs? CJEU bolsters protection of product design

In a decision with potentially far-reaching consequences for design-led industries, the Court of Justice of the EU has held that EU Member States' laws cannot impose a requirement that designs (in this case of jeans and t-shirts) have an aesthetic effect in order to attract copyright protection.

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Four key tips for retailers using technology to get ahead

Many retail and fashion businesses face an all too familiar dilemma.

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