Brand Matters
Issue 7

Enhanced support for brand owners in battle against counterfeits and grey goods

Circulation of counterfeit goods remains a significant issue for brand owners, causing loss of revenue and reputation as well as undermining consumer confidence.

Brand Portfolios: New types of EU marks now available

Significant changes to the EU trade mark regime have opened up a number of opportunities for brand owners to obtain protection for a range of new types of marks.

Luxury goods: protecting their brand image

With online sales now integral to many retail businesses, the issue of whether luxury goods suppliers can stop goods which qualify for selective distribution from being sold via third party platforms such as Amazon and eBay is more important than ever.

Demand for clear immigration guidelines for the creative industries

Retaining skilled workers and talent in the face of inevitable changes in immigration policy is a key issue for both emerging and established companies.

What to remember when selling your company

Selling up and moving on is never easy, especially for entrepreneurs who have devoted so much time, energy and passion in building their business.

Getting tough on fake news

Fake news stories are increasingly common. With a growing awareness that readers cannot believe everything we see in the news and on social media feeds, new initiatives are being devised to tackle the problem.

Jazz Shapers: Jon Wright

Jazz Shapers features interviews with business people who have broken the mould and achieved success in their fields alongside music from the category defining risk takers of jazz. Here, we talk to Jon Wright, a co-founder of innocent, which now has revenues of £250m...

Scents and Sensibility: the return to all-natural fragrances

Lawfully Chic is our blog for art-lovers and adventurers, fashionistas and culture vultures, who believe in fair play, fair trade and fair travel. This week, our blogger discusses the return to all-natural fragrances.