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Dispute Resolution

In today’s increasingly competitive and regulated world, disputes have become a fact of business life. We have seen a steady rise in the number of disputes as the on-going business cycle causes difficult decisions to rise to the surface. Whether it remains viable to commit to an existing obligation or follow a new venture; whether short term needs outweigh longer term plans; whether obligations to current business partners no longer represent the best way to maximise opportunity. These are the questions we help clients with every day.

Why we are different

We have one of the largest and most comprehensive Dispute Resolution offerings in London; over half of the Firm's lawyers are litigators. From a core of Fraud litigators we have built a team that covers most major areas of the Dispute Resolution world including: White Collar Crime & Investigations, Tax, Competition and Anti-Trust, International Arbitration, Intellectual Property and Fraud Defence.

We recognise that going to court is not the answer to every problem and so we give clear, dispassionate advice on your options from the outset. Whether the dispute is personal or commercial our philosophy is the same: assimilate the facts and explain the options. Means of resolution can be as diverse as the issues themselves.

We believe in delivering a return on your investment and think that lawyers should not only provide an excellent service but take a more proactive approach to cost than ever before. That's why we’ve developed a unique funding and insurance package to keep risk to a minimum - Mishcon Protect.

Each dispute requires a bespoke solution, sometimes aggressive, sometimes measured. We fight our client’s corner: we take ownership of your dispute so that we can resolve it for you as effectively as possible. We fiercely guard our clients' interests.


White Collar Crime & Investigations

Our White Collar Crime & Investigations Group offers a comprehensive but streamlined approach for clients who may find themselves with a portfolio of problems. Whether an individual has been a victim of fraud or accused of improper financial conduct, we can address all aspects of the case: civil, regulatory and criminal - all within a single team.

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Our competition practice advises claimants and defendants, individuals and institutions, on all aspects of competition law. Our low levels of conflict enable us to act for parties across all sectors. We are experts in managing investigations across a number of jurisdictions; choosing and dealing with overseas professionals on behalf of our clients.

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Cyber Security

We understand that managing cyber security will develop and enable your business, protect your customers and build trust in your brand. Our in-house team comprises cyber security specialists, data theft lawyers, reputation management specialists and data protection experts. This multi-disciplinary approach combines business expertise with a deep understanding of cyber risks and how to protect against them.

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Finance & Banking Disputes

We are known for our low levels of conflict. We act for all sides of the industry, from banks and other financial institutions, to corporate borrowers and investors. We are able to draw on the expertise of specialists across banking and debt finance, investment funds, regulatory, and insolvency and recovery. Our matters are often high value and involve a number of international jurisdictions. Our particular strength is in the swift resolution of highly sensitive disputes.

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We have the largest group of dedicated international injunction specialists in the country. Wherever possible we seek pre-emptive relief to locate and freeze assets and preserve evidence. Our international network of fraud specialists The International Fraud Group, gives us a critical edge when securing piggyback injunctions in other countries. Our reputation for negotiating directly with both fraudsters and their lawyers enables us to resolve complex and sensitive cases in ways that protect our clients from endless litigation and mounting costs.

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Fraud Defence

Our Fraud Defence team are defence strategists who use their experience gained from working for claimants to anticipate and undermine the potential points of attack that the defendant may face. The team has vast experience in working for clients who face the parallel attack of a civil claim and criminal regulatory investigation both in Britain and abroad.

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Insolvency & Recoveries

Our ability to home in on the issues and our experience in restructuring and deal making enable us to offer simple and sound advice not just to those facing imminent insolvency but also to those wishing to take proactive measures to capitalise on opportunities.

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Our insurance litigation team acts predominantly for corporate policy holders on coverage issues across a wide range of industries and lines. Our experience covers the whole process, from advising on risk programmes, mergers and acquisitions and other commercial agreements to litigating on behalf of the policyholder in the event an insurer rejects their claim. Our focus on the policyholder enables us to remain almost conflict free.

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Intellectual Property

We deliver a complete range of services with experienced specialists in all aspects of IP helping our clients create, exploit and protect intellectual property throughout the whole life of a brand. Where we detect an infringement, we work swiftly and tenaciously to stop the breach and deliver a significant return on investment.

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International Arbitration

Our commercial arbitration experience includes acting for governments, individuals and companies across sectors including energy, national resources, construction, fraud, finance, licensing, real estate and employment as well as general commercial, contractual and shareholder disputes. Our lawyers also have extensive experience in arbitration-related court proceedings, including investigatory and discovery efforts, garnishment, and enforcement of arbitral awards.

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The payment of tax affects every business and individual, but navigating HMRC and its processes can be complicated. Our team have direct experience of working within HMRC and can help you reach a satisfactory agreement for your business and HMRC as well as helping you to build a solid working relationship going forward.

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