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Why the baby business is booming - In partnership with The Economist.

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What are the forces shaping how people live and work and how power is wielded in the modern age?

Mishcon de Reya and The Economist bring you NOW AND NEXT revealing the pressures, the plans and the likely tipping points for enduring global change. Understand what is really transforming the world today – and discover what may lie in store tomorrow.


Lack of regulation can leave both surrogates and intended parents vulnerable and at risk. How can surrogacy be better monitored and its children better protected?

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In the near future, climate change could force hundreds of thousands of people to leave their homes. How can we prepare for this mass migration?


The Metaverse

Plans for the metaverse cover everything from firefighting and filmmaking to manufacturing and medicine. How will businesses navigate this emerging world?


Culture Wars

The internet has changed the way that violent extremist groups develop and organise. But is there a way to fight back?


Science & Ethics

The gene editing revolution has arrived, bringing with it opportunities as well as ethical and practical risks.



As technology races further ahead, are we in danger of automating racism – and if so, what can we do to fix it?


Social Mobility

In many countries, the class you are born into determines your chance of ‘making it’. Why is social mobility still so restricted today, and how can we improve it for future generations?



The ability of computers to 'think' creatively has come a long way. But what does this change mean for those in the creative industries?


Climate Change

The aviation industry has been hard hit by the pandemic. But has COVID-19 given the sector an opportunity to build back greener, and can sustainable air travel take off?



Are we experiencing a crisis of trust? As societies around the world are grappling with increasing incidents of civil unrest, trust in experts and political leaders is falling. What does this mean for the future? And if trust truly is lost, can it be rebuilt?

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What does philanthropy look like today? Between billionaires giving away more than ever before and the creative ways encouraging the rest of us to give money, how altruistic is this new age of giving?

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A generation ago the family unit was considered a man, a woman and two or three children. Now, the concept of family has been transformed, but what is the impact of these developments in wider society? Family has changed – but will it survive?

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Democracy provides the framework for our modern, western world. What impact will falling trust in politicians have on the world of business? How should companies navigate political upheaval? Expert advisors can help translate the uncertainty of the future.

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Employment law is integral to business and workplace management and to every working individual.  Yet navigating the minefield of employment law can be daunting and getting it wrong can have serious repercussions. Experienced advisers can demystify the law, providing clear guidance that supports the strategic goals of an individual or business.

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Each of us brings something to the table, whoever we are. For businesses, gender pay gap reporting may seem like a challenge – but addressing gender equality in the workplace could add up to £150bn to GDP by 2025.

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Companies that are able to leverage and protect their data effectively will be the winners in tomorrow's marketplace. With the right advice you can take issues of diversity, reputation, flexibility and regulatory risk and turn them into comparative advantages.

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