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At Mishcon Private, we have a deep understanding of the needs of our private clients and the dynamics and politics of families, family businesses and personal relationships. We understand the issues they face and what keeps them awake at night. We know that their concerns go far beyond money and wealth preservation: family issues, reputation, their home and the things they love, or their legacy are far more important. Our business is protecting them, their interests and the things that matter most to them.

We never take for granted the privilege we are afforded by our clients to sit alongside them and be entrusted with their most complex and personal problems. The work we do is never just business, it is always personal. Our clients know that we appreciate that the stakes couldn't be higher.

What we offer is not complicated – it's clear and simple – we help people with what really matters to them.

Mishcon Private will be hosting a series of events on The Things that Matter - prompting new thinking, discussion and debate on the issues that our clients care about most.

next gen

Forgeries are as old as art itself, but impostors are having a field day in the age of the internet. Fortunately, art scholars, scientists and IT specialists are coming together to protect genuine art works and catch fraudsters.

Mishcon Private recently convened a panel of such experts to discuss the issues around authenticity, the role of experts in authenticating artwork and how technology can help. Karen Sanig, head of Art Law at Mishcon opened  the discussion with a sobering statistic: “With 6% of the $45 billion fine art market now trading online, buyers are acquiring art without proper checks. People are buying art, not on the basis of expertise, but from an image on the internet, Instagram or WhatsApp.”

Read our article Real or Fake? How to ensure art authenticity in the digital age

next gen

Gen Z, Gen Y, Centennials, Millennials – whatever the label, generational stereotyping is inevitable. But labels aside, what are the things driving the next generation?

Mishcon Private recently hosted a roundtable event where, alongside a group of private client advisors, we discussed some of the issues that matter most to the next generation.

In a series of articles we will explore some of the topics raised in more depth. The first of these, 'the growing tide of hands-on philanthropy', examines the next generation's approach to giving.


On 24 January 2017, the Supreme Court decided, by a majority of eight judges to three, that the Government could only trigger Article 50 after an Act of Parliament had been passed. The ruling made constitutional history and clarified the extent of the powers of the executive. 

In advance of the trigger date Mishcon de Reya hosted a panel discussion that aimed to assess the impact of the legal challenge. BBC Political Editor Laura Kuenssberg led the panel alongside lead claimant Gina Miller, Lord Falconer, Professor Vernon Bogdanor and Professor Roy Greenslade. 

Click here to view a short film featuring interviews with our panellists.


Does privacy exist in the digital age? 

Whether we realise it or not, every day we actively develop our digital footprint.

From posts shared on social media, to random questions typed into Google, no online activity is completely private. Whilst we cannot turn back the clock on digital advances – nor would we necessarily wish to – it is useful to know that there are ways we can take control of our digital identity. 

Mishcon Private recently hosted a roundtable discussion at the Groucho Club where, alongside leading digital experts, we consided how we might reclaim and preserve our digital privacy. To find out more about what was discussed, please click here.

On April 11 2000 judgment was delivered in the Irving v Lipstadt case. Historian and author Deborah Lipstadt, represented by Mishcon de Reya lawyers Anthony Julius and James Libson, had won. The events of that trial form the basis of the film Denial written by Sir David Hare, starring Rachel Weisz and Tom Wilkinson.
To mark the release of the film, we looked into how a trial that took place in 2000 has relevance today and produced a short film exploring truth, post-truth and denial in 2017.

Presidential Election

The Donald Trump Presidency

Following the shock presidential election that irreversibly altered the US political landscape, Mishcon Private held a panel discussion about what could be expected from President Trump and the implications for the winning and losing parties.

BBC Political Editor Jo Coburn hosted the event with senior political strategists Vin Weber and Mike DuHaime from the Republican Party and Morris Reid from the Democratic Party, sharing their views on why Donald Trump won the election and what might be expected from him over the course of his presidency. To read more about their discussion please click here.

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