Crypto-currencies and Blockchain

Cryptocurrencies and the application of blockchain technology are rapidly evolving yet their potential and scope of application remain to be realised.  In such an environment, you need a law firm that not only has the required legal and technical expertise to structure your transaction but also has, should the circumstance demand it, market leading fraud and business crime capabilities to protect you. We deploy such legal and technical expertise as a seamless offering under one roof.  

We have a highly specialised coordinated team of lawyers and non-lawyer cyber and blockchain specialists who can advise on all aspects relevant to cryptocurrencies and blockchain, including:

Corporate and Regulatory

  • Structuring coin/token offerings including the technical aspects (in particular around blockchain)
  • Drafting whitepapers
  • Establishing crypto exchanges
  • Anti money laundering issues


  • Assessment of technology risks, business models and cyber security issues
  • Specific cryptocurrency and ICO diligence, assessing risks from criminal activity, including bribery and corruption, and the reputation and credibility of individuals involved
  • Examination of corporate structures for the hallmarks of financial crime and assessing the financial stability of ventures


  • Corporate structuring and reorganisations of blockchain businesses
  • Tax implications of ICOs and setting up of exchanges
  • The use of cryptocurrencies or tokens to incentivise employees
  • Tax consequences of buying and selling cryptocurrencies for both individuals and companies

Fraud and Business Crime

  • Cyberattacks and theft of currency
  • Exchanges operating in scams
  • Pyramid and Ponzi schemes
  • Fraudulent investment websites
  • The sale of non-existent or fake currency
  • Impersonation of prominent individuals or companies
  • Blackmail and ransomware demands for crypto-currency

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