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In conversation with Andrés Rivero: attorney for the alleged inventor of Bitcoin


Founding partner of Rivero Mestre LLP,  Andrés Rivero, is known for defending a multi-billion-dollar suit brought by the estate of the alleged co-inventor of Bitcoin.

In a long-running case, it was alleged that Andrés' client Dr Craig Wright, who claims to have invented bitcoin under the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto, had been assisted by Mr Kleiman to develop blockchain technologies and mine bitcoin between 2009 and 2013. Potentially at stake was valuable intellectual property as well as half of 1.1million bitcoin, with a current value of around $30billion, which it is claimed only the creator of Bitcoin could have mined.

Andrés successfully presented evidence that his client had not been in a business partnership with Kleiman to mine bitcoin, with the jury ruling that the claimant was not owed half of a multi-billion dollar fortune by Dr Wright.

In this session, Rebecca Belgrave, Partner in the Fraud team, will interview Andrés on the case, discussing the facts, claims and defences behind it.

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