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Green Hydrogen Investor Forum

Explore ideas, share insights and shape future green energy development within a trusted environment.

The starting point

Hydrogen-derived green energy is attracting increasing intention from innovators, businesses, policy makers and investors as a feasible, sustainable route to tackle climate change. The potential for hydrogen energy has been well documented and discussed, yet how progress will be made in terms of investment at the scale required is still undefined. We believe now is the time for informed and influential voices to move this initiative onwards. Notably, we will explore how the world’s largest asset owners (pension funds, insurance reserves, sovereign wealth funds) can play an investment role to accelerate development of a green hydrogen economy with real impact towards decarbonisation.

Critically, the institutional investors controlling the deepest pools of capital need to be sensitized to the risks and rewards of investment in the future of green hydrogen. The Forum’s focus will be on the "should, when, why and how" large asset owners can consider allocating capital at scale to a green hydrogen economy.

The Forum

The Forum brings together asset owners and asset managers together with the leading policymakers, academics, industrialists and technology companies, pushing forward the boundaries of the nascent Green Hydrogen economy. This will be a platform for exploring ideas, sharing research and insights, and developing collaborations to shape viable pathways, all within a safe environment based on Chatham House rules. The Forum was launched in 2023 with the over-arching question: “A green hydrogen economy: myth, magic, or reality?”

Why should you join?

The Forum is an opportunity to share expertise, explore possibilities and identify strategies to accelerate delivery of practical, clean energy at scale leading to a green global hydrogen economy to turbo charge decarbonisation.

Become part of a deep multi-stakeholder exploration lead by globally recognised thought leaders into how green hydrogen can play a role in accelerated decarbonisation.

Meet investors focused on the energy transition and the race to back new and evolving companies, projects, products and break-through technologies leading to a sustainable economy.

Hear from legal experts exploring the latest green hydrogen policy and regulatory developments across multiple jurisdictions.

Learn from entrepreneurs guiding green hydrogen projects through start up to maturity.

Follow the latest technological developments and unfolding challenges in some of the most difficult to decarbonise sectors.

Founding Research Partners

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Get involved and join the forum

If you are interested in becoming a member of the Green Hydrogen Investor Forum, please contact Paul Clements-Hunt.

To stay up-to date and to receive the inaugural Forum’s summary report sign up here. We look forward to hearing from you.

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How can we help you?

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