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Navigating the world of Westminster, Whitehall, the plethora of public bodies and the media can be complex. To successfully communicate in this world, you need to ensure you have the right messages. At Mishcon we take an issues-based approach to the political, policy and media challenges that individuals and organisations face.

Whether your organisation is seeking to input into policy or engage with Government decision makers, navigate complex regulatory challenges, manage a hostile media environment or generate media interest, our integrated team of professionals can help you articulate your case and navigate the landscape.

Why we are different

With our extensive understanding of the world of Westminster, Whitehall and the policy making community, combined with our media expertise, we are able to help communicate your interests and policy positions in the media and policy arena. We can help you create and maintain a positive profile through a public advocacy programme as well as drive a targeted campaign to change the existing policy landscape.

We began as litigators – advocates for our clients in court and at arbitrations. We then found that we were being asked to advocate in less conventional forums, and to more diffuse audiences. This is because we know how to make the right arguments, to the right people at the right time. Our approach is to generate an evidence base using economic, consumer and political research as a platform for engagement with the media, Government, regulators and the wider policy community.

We are an integrated team of public policy experts, lawyers, academics, and communications professionals. We work with journalists and statisticians, think-tanks and pressure groups and NGOs. We are supported by the Firm’s Reputation Protection Group, but we collaborate with lawyers from every department as and when Public Advocacy can enhance the service offered to clients.


Regulatory Bodies/Public Inquiry work - We act as consultants to public and private inquiries (and, on occasion, set them up). We represent clients before regulatory bodies, e.g. OFT, the FCA and PRA and the Takeover Panel. We prepare written submissions for clients and train clients who have been called to give oral evidence in front of committees.

Policy Audits - We identify the policy issues that impact on our client’s business or CSR goals. We formulate a set of specific and measurable policy objectives. We develop strategies for achieving these objectives and, with expert partners, we implement these strategies.

Public Affairs- We can ensure that our clients’ messages are conveyed clearly and effectively by developing effective briefing materials, stakeholder meetings and by staging events, receptions and conferences. We can also provide input on all aspects of the legislative and policy process.

Media Advocacy - We write articles in national, local and specialist press. We draft academic research reports and coordinate public campaigns. We protect our clients’ reputations and ensure that their interests/policy positions are well represented in public debate.

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