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James Libson

Addressing antisemitism and upholding legal standards: James Libson interviewed by The Telegraph

Posted on 6 June 2024

James Libson, Managing Partner at Mishcon de Reya, shared his observations on the Labour Party's efforts to address antisemitism as part of an interview with The Telegraph. He recognised Sir Keir Starmer's initiatives against anti-Jewish racism but noted that challenges remain.

"The actual seeds of the virus exist within parts of the party. They're not eliminated, they're there and if the leadership isn't strong and resolute in relation to it, there's a danger that it would reemerge," James remarked, emphasising the need for consistent and firm leadership to safeguard against the issue's resurgence.

In the interview, James also reflected on the current climate for the legal profession in the UK, considering the Government's stance in recent years. He discussed the impact of reduced legal aid, the discourse surrounding legal professionals and the post-Brexit landscape's effect on attracting international investment to London's commercial law sector. James suggested that these developments have affected the UK's economic standing and its reputation for maintaining the rule of law.

He elaborated on the necessity for Government support in the legal system, stating, "If we’re to prosper both economically and as a place where people want to invest, have their disputes resolved, then we need to have the support of government in our system of law." James also called for a reinforced commitment from the Government to uphold and strengthen the UK's legal framework.

Read in full (behind paywall). 

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