Wealth Structuring

Wealth structuring is about far more than meeting your family's short and medium term needs – rather, it is designed to give real effect to your family's aspirations and values.

It involves the creation of a domestic and/or international framework for wealth asset management that can deploy trusts, foundations, corporate entities and other vehicles to protect your long-term financial interests and, more importantly, those of your family.

Our expertise lies in structuring your wealth so that your estate is protected now and in the future whilst allowing sufficient flexibility to address changing circumstances or unexpected turns of events. This will ensure, so far as is possible, that your and your family's wealth is properly protected and managed during and beyond your lifetime.

Our wealth planning solutions and structures are bespoke and tailored to each specific situation. These structures also offer the opportunity for asset diversification, flexible succession, tax and beneficiary planning.

We advise on the formation, administration and governance of these structures, working closely with corporate trustees, managers and offshore lawyers.  Through our philanthropy service, we also provide our clients with advice on the most effective ways to give money to charitable causes, helping them navigate the wide range of available options.

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