Reputation Protection

Arguably, your reputation is your most valuable asset. Whether you are a business or an individual, whether you are very much in the public eye or prefer anonymity, outside scrutiny can bring significant risks. In this quickly changing world, digital technology allows publication of sensitive or damaging information to the world at large, often with little or no notice. A reputation can be tarnished in a matter of hours. The rise of social media means that any customer with a complaint and a keyboard can now deliver their indelible verdict to a cast of billions. As working practices become more flexible, more remote working means more vulnerable data, and the threat of reputational damage due to loss or theft of data is high.

Once sensitive information has been picked up by the media or spread online, an immediate response is vital to minimise its potential damage. But swift and robust management of the crisis is not enough. Ongoing management helps to proactively protect both personal and corporate reputations.

Why we are different

We have a long history of protecting our clients' reputations. Our founder, Lord Mishcon, was in many ways the quintessential private client lawyer. The clients he acted for were some of the most high profile dignitaries, politicians and business leaders of his time. Today, acting for a similar range of high-profile clients, that heritage influences our approach to the modern and rapidly changing landscape of reputation management. We are privileged to act alongside our clients as trusted advisers and value the confidence those clients have in us, often making us an indispensable member of their advisory team. We act for a number of high profile businesses and individuals. Our discretion sets us apart; most of our work in this area never becomes public.

We advise on a number of sensitive issues related to private individuals and businesses including (but not limited to):

  • Being contacted or harassed by the press;
  • Being attacked in online forums or on social media;
  • Being blackmailed with the threat of releasing private information or images;
  • Being defamed in the press;
  • Being questioned by NGOs or other bodies about overseas business affairs.

As litigators, we are both robust and resolute, but we do not take action as a first resort. In a crisis, we are calm and measured. We are able to navigate complex and special situations quickly, applying the intellectual rigour required to reach the most effective solution. Reasoned legal and commercial strategy, combined with an appreciation of the particular sensitivities of the individuals involved characterise our approach, as does our responsiveness and availability to our clients at all times.

But crisis management is by no means all we do. We understand that it is not enough. We also use our expertise and experience to help prevent unlawful damage and unwarranted attacks to reputations. Working closely with brand and communications experts as well as digital and business strategy consultants, we examine the big picture, starting with a full audit of our clients' current personal or corporate reputational situation. We are also able to call upon our colleagues working within Public Advocacy where policy and public affairs issues overlap with our clients' concerns. This proactive approach pays dividends which have proved quietly invaluable to many of our clients.


  • Obtaining, defending and discharging emergency injunctions;
  • Preventing and challenging publication of damaging stories or private information, in the media online or in a commercial context;
  • Litigation involving defamation, privacy, reporting restrictions and all aspects of media law;
  • Pre-publication content clearance and advice to publishers at risk of publishing potentially contentious material.

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