Mishcon Spotlight

Mishcon Spotlight

Spotlight is a crisis management simulation which allows companies and brands to practise handling a social media crisis, testing response and strategic communication across mock social channels and highlighting where improvements might be made.

How does it work?

The simulation is an immersive and realistic opportunity for corporates to test – in a safe environment – how communications and executive teams perform under pressure. Whether the crisis starts with an employee posting their resignation video online, a product contamination and recall, or with a supplier's building collapsing, the simulation will be tailored to your business, to give you a realistic experience of how customers, competitors, journalists and activists dissect the detail, and publish their views over a range of forums. As the online catastrophe unfolds across micro-blog and social media networks and is picked up by video channels, blogs and international news media, you will see how perceived reputational risks play out online in real-time, and learn how to combat the lasting negative impact on your brand.

As you draft mock press releases and respond to journalist enquiries and consumer complaints on social media, a team of experienced social media managers work in the background – mimicking the response of the public, campaigners and journalists, and reacting to your activities. Spotlight gives you the opportunity to prepare in advance for a social media crisis, experimenting with your responses and trying out different ways of engaging with your stakeholders and engendering public approval.

What are the benefits?

Our specialist reputation lawyers work with you at every stage of the process. We understand your business, and our experience dealing with the media and online attacks means we can anticipate where reputational challenges are likely to occur. We work with you to create a bespoke simulation exercise, incorporating relevant facts or specific obstacles according to your particular concerns. Attendees leave the session armed with actionable advice, practical and legal tools to help them prepare in advance for a social media crisis, and enhanced confidence that they will be able to manage a reputational crisis if it unfolds in real life. Our in-depth follow-up report contains specific feedback and tailored advice on changes that can be made to your existing systems, procedures and processes, which would reduce the risk and likely impact of future reputational damage.

Spotlight will challenge your team and equip them with the experience and practical and legal tools to carry your brand through the eye of a storm.

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