The UK left the EU on 31 January 2020. A transition period, during which EU laws continue to apply in the UK, is due to end on 31 December 2020. The UK/EU Withdrawal Agreement sets out transitional arrangements and negotiations for the future UK/EU relationship are ongoing.

Navigating business and personal matters post-Brexit

Whilst the UK left the EU on 31 January 2020, we are currently in a transition period, due to end on 31 December 2020 (and which it has now been confirmed will not be extended). During the transition period, EU laws continue to apply in the UK as if it were a Member State. However, the position concerning the future UK/EU relationship is very fluid and negotiations will move at a fast pace. The advice laid out on this page will be regularly updated as discussions develop over the coming weeks and months.

The UK's future relationship with the EU will inevitably present challenges, as businesses around the world come to terms with new, and potentially divergent, regulatory frameworks. In turn, this will likely lead to Brexit-related disputes emerging.

We work closely with our clients in devising mitigation strategies to meet the risks from Brexit, but also in identifying and pursuing the opportunities that are available. We understand that, whilst legal advice in this context is critical, it is the political and economic context that drives our clients’ strategic thinking.

We support our clients in tackling issues such as the movement of people; the movement of goods, services and data; and the protection of IP rights. Our expertise includes advising on the impact of Brexit in the following areas:

Risk Management, Corporate Structure & Funding
  • Corporate governance and management advisory
  • Contract review & repapering (including using machine learning tools, where appropriate)
  • Structuring and disposals to avoid/mitigate Brexit risk
  • Acquisitions/Joint Ventures to secure access to markets or supplies
  • Corporate tax structuring
Trade in Goods & Services
  • Advising on new tariffs, duties and procedural measures to be introduced post-Brexit
  • Advising on trade protection measures such as sanctions and countervailing duties
  • Advising on the terms of bilateral agreements
Competition & Regulatory
  • Advising on collaboration between competitors in response to Brexit
  • Advising on jurisdictional issues in relation to ongoing investigations
  • Advising on follow on damages claims based on EU investigations
  • Advising on post-Brexit UK regulatory regimes in numerous industries
  • Developing strategies to ensure ongoing trade remains possible in regulated goods and services
  • Working with the UK Government to influence future regulatory frameworks
Data Protection
  • Advising on compliance with current and future UK and EU data protection and eprivacy regimes
  • Advising on mechanisms for international data flows
Intellectual Property
  • Providing strategic portfolio management advice to ensure effective protection for IP rights in both the UK and EU
  • Advising on the implications of Brexit for filing strategies, commercialisation of IP rights and enforcement options
Commercial Contracts
  • Brexit-risk contract reviews and mitigation strategies, including using machine learning tools where appropriate
  • Advising in relation to Brexit implications for new commercial arrangements
  • Advising on a range of disputes with a Brexit dimension such as competition and trade, insurance, insolvency & financial distress, international arbitration, judicial review, reputation management and tax
  • Advising businesses and individuals on the steps needed to comply with the UK's new Immigration regime, and EU requirements

  • Advising on potential revisions to UK employment law post-Brexit

  • Tax planning, trusts, succession and family issues arising due to Brexit

  • Reputation Management


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