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WHY? Festival: What makes a happy childhood

Highlights from Southbank Centre's festival of children's rights, 'WHY? What's Happening for the Young?' 2015, supported by Mishcon de Reya.

Mishcon Thinks: Explosive Growth: does the UK government support explosive growth?

Mishcon Thinks

Does the UK government support explosive growth? Partner Kevin McCarthy ponders being prime minister for a day, outlining how the government can do more to support explosive growth businesses.

Mishcon Thinks: Explosive Growth: How do explosive growth companies contribute to the UK?

Mishcon Thinks

How do explosive growth companies contribute to the UK? Partner Kevin McCarthy explains the contribution made by explosive growth companies as well as the specific challenges and opportunities faced by this dynamic category of businesses

Mishcon Thinks: Explosive Growth: What is an explosive growth firm?

Mishcon Thinks

What is an explosive growth firm? Partner Kevin McCarthy, in conversation with Michael Hayman MBE, explains what makes a business explosive.

Mishcon Thinks: The Anniversary of the Magna Carta

Mishcon Thinks

In its 800th year, to what degree is the Magna Carta still relevant? To what extent do its principles need to be reinstated today?

IFG: Anonymous Funding and Its Role in Fraud

Mishcon Events

On 21st May 2015 the International Fraud Group (IFG) hosted the Future View of International Fraud, a panel discussion on anonymous funding and its role in fraud.

Mishcon Thinks: Digital Legacy

Mishcon Thinks

In this short film, part of the Mishcon Thinks series, Partner and Head of the Trusts and Estates Disputes group, Mark Keenan, discusses these issues with Michael Hayman MBE of Seven Hills.

Business Group For Midtown Area - Appoints New Chair, Elliot Moss

Business Shapers

Inmidtown – representing the interests of over 560 businesses in Bloomsbury, Holborn and St Giles – today announced the appointment of a new Chairman, Elliot Moss.

Fashion Gallery 2015

Mishcon Events

In association with Mishcon de Reya and Lawfully Chic.

The Leap 100 - Scale Up or Sell Up?

The Leap

More than 100 guests attended the “Scale up or Sell up?” event – the first of two debates in The Leap 100 series