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Bespoke learning

We understand that every business is unique and has its own set of challenges and goals. This is why we offer bespoke learning, which we tailor to your specific needs.

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We understand that every business is unique and has its own set of challenges and goals. This is why we offer bespoke learning, which we tailor to your specific needs.

We use a variety of learning techniques, including interactive workshops, role-playing exercises, case studies, and e-learning, to ensure our programmes are memorable and deliver lasting benefits. Our trainers are experts in their fields and are enthusiastic about sharing their knowledge and experience with others.

Whether you are looking to upskill your workforce, improve your compliance procedures or develop your leadership capabilities, we can design a programme to help you achieve your objectives.

Our development process

Based on well-proven methodology, we introduce a learning programme that fits around your needs, progresses at the pace you choose and delivers precisely the outcomes you seek.

1. Understand

We will work closely with you to understand your business, identify your objectives and design a learning programme to meet your specific needs.

2. Develop

We develop a programme for your organisation to meet your desired learning outcomes.

3. Pilot

Depending on your requirements, we pilot the programme with a first cohort and seek active feedback.

4. Refine

We then iterate and refine ready for wider participation.

5. Launch

We launch on the scale you require, constantly working to monitor, refine and iterate to best meet the changing needs of your organisation.


We launch on the scale you require, constantly working to monitor, refine and iterate to best meet the changing needs of your organisation.

1. Legal and compliance

Essential information for individuals, across key areas from data protection to health and safety.

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2. Knowledge and skills

For groups or individuals, focused on career or organisational objectives.

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Designed for in-house legal counsel or those who need to know more about the legal aspects of a specific topic. The subject may be outside their specialist area, but nevertheless is likely to have a significant impact on their activities and decision making.

Commercial & Competition Law

Essential guidance on issues that inevitably affect companies across all sectors. These modules provide sound commercial guidance that can help you prevent expensive mistakes, achieve your key objectives and protect your growth. Examples of the topics available include warranties and indemnities, and the impact of competition law on commercial transactions.


As committed supporters of organisations that drive the innovation economy, our corporate and business lawyers have amassed a wealth of insights into the processes and requirements that occur throughout your business lifecycle. This knowledge is available via learning programmes dealing with governance, compliance, structuring, taking investment, growing, preparing for sale and more.

Data Protection and Privacy

Rapid developments in technology and the law that governs it ensure that data protection and privacy is a fast-moving, ever-evolving topic. Our learning programmes will help you balance the often-conflicting demands of achieving your business objectives whilst complying with regulations. From ensuring safe international data transfers to responding effectively to a data breach, they address the vital aspects of dealing with data.

Dispute Resolution

Although always best avoided, disputes are an increasingly frequent feature of business life. Our objective approach to resolving them is reflected in the pragmatic content of our learning programmes, which range from arbitration and preparing for a dispute to litigation funding, privilege, investigations protecting against insolvencies and more.


Employment laws and workplace issues are ever-evolving and frequently contentious. Our learning offering helps you both prevent problems arising in the first place and proactively deal with the resolution of issues that do arise across the employment lifecycle – from ensuring you have well-drafted contracts at the start of the relationship through to dealing with claims when things go wrong, such as allegations of discrimination, bullying or harassment.

Health and Safety

Ensuring compliance with health and safety regulations is a demanding responsibility. Our courses address this by being both proactive and reactive. For the former, we offer bespoke health and safety programmes for boards, directors and senior leadership teams. For the latter, our programmes ensure corporates and individuals are well-prepared for interviews conducted by regulators, employers and public bodies.

Intellectual Property

IP is one of a company’s most valuable assets, yet many businesses do not take full advantage of it or do enough to protect or enforce it. Our programmes will help you develop a dynamic, value-led IP strategy, including effectively managing your IP portfolio, protecting your valuable innovation and exploring the full potential of your IP. As well as the more conventional areas of protecting and exploiting its value, we also look at developing opportunities presented by emerging technologies such as AI and the metaverse.

Managing Risk and Enhancing Your Compliance Regime

It is essential your business complies withregulations and can cope with certain risks.To ensure you are informed and prepared, weoffer a range of training that can be deliveredin-house or online, to assess and enhanceyour capabilities in areas such as employmentrelations and regulatory training requirements.


Helping to solve the problems of people and planet is a growing imperative, key to creating and sustaining value for all stakeholders in an era marked by political and economic volatility, technology-driven disruption, and the worsening impacts of climate and ecological breakdown. Rooted in the Mishcon Purpose Framework, our learning programmes help leaders to unpack the challenges and opportunities relevant to their organisations, to understand evolving ESG standards and best practices, and to embed purpose in every aspect of culture, strategy and operations.

Real Estate

Securing an advantageous real estate deal requires agile, forward-thinking action, plus a good understanding of the regulatory framework.  We offer training on how real estate is affected by moves to increase corporate transparency and achieve net zero.

Tax and Wealth Planning

Managing an individual and their family’s business, wealth and reputation can be challenging, so to be armed with knowledge that pre-empts and addresses potential issues is valuable reassurance. Our training provides the advice, structure and strategies to help you protect your wealth for future generations, simplify your affairs, safeguard family members and mitigate risks now and for the long term.


Knowledge and skills

Adaptable and practical, our sessions are designed to provide memorable and genuinely applicable lessons in the key areas of interpersonal skills, leadership and utilising technology. Tailored for your business, they will help your people improve their perception, proficiency and value to your business.


Strong interpersonal skills are vital in a business setting. Our courses can be tailored to suit your business and the level of experience of your participants. The aim is to help them develop the insights, abilities and efficiency that allow them to attain higher levels of achievement, as individuals and for your company.


Whilst some may be gifted with ‘natural’ leadership talent, in truth, all those with leadership responsibility can benefit from guidance, reflection and the examples of others. Based around topics such as ‘the complete leader’ and ‘becoming an effective board member’ our learning can prepare participants for taking on a leadership role or enhance their existing knowledge.


The continual, rapid development of technology and its impact can be bewildering and difficult to keep pace with. Our learning programme makes seemingly complex technology more accessible and relatable, to engender confidence in adopting it and to ensure you gain full benefit from it. Our courses answer questions such as whether your business can make good use of AI, the differences between Web3 and the metaverse, what they mean for you, and how to adopt an effective enterprise data strategy.


Course Leads

Patrick Connolly

Academy Director

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