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Posted on 6 October 2022

Adam Rose - Mishcon de Reya

The eyes of the world have been on the United Kingdom – first, we saw a change of Government, when Boris Johnson was replaced by Liz Truss, on Tuesday, 6 September, and then less than two days later, on the Thursday, Queen Elizabeth II died. It has been reported that her funeral, 10 days later, was the world's biggest ever TV event. Certainly, the hundred or so world leaders who came to London for the funeral service in Westminster Abbey must have been the largest such gathering ever. And in that way that Britain does, the procession, the pageant, the marching soldiers and pipes, horns and drums, were of a kind that nowhere else in the world seems to do.

The projection of a Britain to the world as a country that can organise and present such a show, of tradition, but in a modern setting, will have been of unquantifiable positive value to the country, the economy and brand UK. Many of you got in touch with me, first to ask about the new prime minister. Then to commiserate over the death of our Queen. Then to comment on the funeral. And in that equally British way, the crown passed (metaphorically – there will be a whole coronation yet to come next year) immediately on the Queen's passing to Prince Charles, now, King Charles III, and our institutions immediately renamed themselves – our QCs became KCs, Her Majesty's Government became His Majesty's Government, our national anthem became "God Save the King!"

Meanwhile, the rest of the world continues to spin around the sun – our colleagues in Hong Kong and Singapore are as busy as ever delivering legal solutions to our clients, protecting and enhancing their personal and business interests. And our clients continue to buy, to sell, to do things that need lawyers, and long may that continue too.

We hope you enjoy this edition of Mishcon & The World – do get in touch if we can help you with anything in any of the pieces. 

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