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Mishcon Academy: Digital Sessions podcast - Education in a Digital Age

Posted on 02 June 2021

Our Education Group has produced a new podcast series 'Education in a Digital Age', exploring the issues related to, and causes and consequences of, the alleged 'rape culture' in UK schools. The podcasts will help students, parents, school leaders and regulators to better understand what they can do to tackle systemic and entrenched patterns of sexual abuse between children at school and how to cope with the reputational consequences.  

In the first episode Antonia Felix, Legal Director in the Family team, discusses  the impact this issue is having on children and how parents can help children navigate this new digital age with Fiona Mallin, Psychotherapist and Counsellor at Capital Minds.

In the future next episodes we will explore with the Head of Child Safety at a social media giant how children interact online and how schools should cope with the reputational impact with a leading PR expert.

Mishcon Academy: Digital Sessions are a series of online events, videos and podcasts looking at the biggest issues faced by businesses and individuals today.

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