Dishonesty Uncovered – Episode 1: Truth Default Theory

Posted on 05 August 2021

Join Associate Catherine Rogerson, from our Fraud team, and Katy Ling, Cyber Intelligence Analyst at MDR Cyber, where they speak to Dr Timothy Levine, distinguished Professor of Communication at the University of Alabama at Birmingham and creator of the Truth-Default Theory.

Tim has spent over twenty years researching deception. In this podcast, we explore the following questions: why do people lie and why can we be so easily deceived? Are most people mostly honest most of the time? And if this presumption of honesty is necessary to have functional communication, is society doomed to fall apart in a world of 'post-truth' politics, cat-fishing, and fake news?

This podcast is part of our Dishonesty Uncovered series, exploring why and how deception occurs.

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