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Mishcon de Reya acts for complainant the Jewish Labour Movement in relation to the EHRC investigation into Labour

Posted on 29 October 2020

The EHRC this morning published its report on antisemitism in the Labour Party, concluding the Labour Party committed unlawful acts against Jewish members and members complaining of antisemitism. It is right that the independent equality regulator has upheld the complaints of our client vindicating the hundreds of individuals who felt threatened by antisemitism within the Party (both Jewish and non-Jewish members) and let down by the Party's response to the issue. Ultimately, because of the failure of the Party's internal mechanisms and political processes, our client had no choice but to seek the involvement of the objective, statutory regulator. 

Over the past two years we have worked with the JLM and whistleblowers from within the Party. We have been repeatedly reminded of their bravery in fighting antisemitism, often against the backdrop of abuse and gaslighting. That bravery led to powerful submissions being made to the EHRC, which were accepted: the pain of the targeted members has finally been acknowledged. The EHRC has set out where the Labour Party has fallen short of its legal obligations.  We join our client's call for the party now to adopt appropriate systems and political and cultural change to ensure the protection and lawful treatment of all its members. 

Commenting on the EHRC Report, Susannah Kintish, Partner in the Employment Department, said; "This is a landmark decision from the EHRC and demonstrates that the refusal by the Labour Party to acknowledge and act on the issue of antisemitism was itself an act of harassment.  We and our client welcome the decision and hope that the Labour Party will now swiftly implement the recommendations of the EHRC."Katy Colton, Head of the Politics and Law Group, said; "The EHRC has concluded that the Labour Party was not a safe space for Jewish people or those who stand up against antisemitism. This is a stark and unprecedented decision against a major political party. It is also a clear and welcome signal that racism, in any form, will not be tolerated within politics."

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