Mishcon Academy: Digital Sessions – Disruption: Why things change

When: Monday 5 July 2021Time: 15:00 - 16:00 BST

How do things change? Answering this question is a fundamental mission of David Potter in his book Disruption: Why things change. It is also a profoundly important question to consider today, as the liberal democracies that set the tone for social and economic development over the past seventy years are facing extraordinary challenges.

Join David Potter as he looks at how the centre fails. When we look at historical disruptions chronicled in the rise of Christianity, the rise of Islam in the 7th century, Protestant reformations, Age of Revolution (American and French), and Bolshevism we see similar kinds of failure, and how radical change is driven by sets of ideas that have become established on the fringe of the political order. We also see that the most radical change involves small groups at the core of the movement, often with charismatic leadership, that controls available media to shift a debate to silence centrist opposition. In the moment, the truth is often the first victim.

This live session will be hosted by Harry Eccles-Williams. This session will be held virtually on Zoom.


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