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COVID-19: insurance coverage

Posted on 5 March 2020

Following the outbreak of COVID-19 we have received a number of requests for advice in relation to insurance coverage for related business losses. These include losses concerning business interruption and interference, event cancellation, product liability cover, supply chain interruption, as well as other insurance-related issues, e.g. travel insurance losses. 

The UK Government has recently announced that COVID-19 is to be classified as a "notifiable disease", which will assist some clients to secure coverage for losses that are still continuing to emerge and develop. 

Entitlement to coverage will depend on the terms, conditions and exclusions specific to your particular policies. You should in the first instance ascertain the nature of insurance covers that you have in place, and then try to identify potential business exposures. 

In the event that you are concerned about insurance coverage for losses to your business, or require assistance on the submission of claims notifications to insurers as a result of the COVID-19 outbreak, please contact us using our dedicated email address: coronavirus@mishcon.com. To view our guidance on how to handle any legal, practical and operational issues that you may face should the incidence of COVID-19 escalate, please click here.

Practical guidance for COVID-19
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