Dina Shiloh
Business Shapers
18 December 2014

The latest on the Google Privacy case

Google was in the Court of Appeal last week, trying to reverse the decision of a High Court judge in January 2014 in which he held that the company could be sued in England rather than the US. Google is arguing that the High Court judge got it wrong and that the case should not be heard in England.

The claim was brought in 2013 by a group known as Safari Users Against Google’s Secret Tracking, which includes a former editor of Index on Censorship magazine, and two IT security company directors. The case is being fought on behalf of over 100 people in Britain. If the claimants are successful, Google could be exposed to litigation from anyone who used Apple devices during the relevant period – potentially millions of people. The case is highly significant because of growing concern about online privacy and how personal data is protected when the internet is accessed.

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