Property predictions 2015
Property Week
09 January 2015

Property predictions 2015

After the return to form last year, the industry is cautiously optimistic about the year ahead. However, there are clouds on the horizon - and none come bigger than the general election.

How will the uncertainty affect the market in the run up? How hot a topic will housing be? With the polls neck and neck between the main parties, and UKIP and the SNP breathing down their necks, what colour will the next government be? And how friendly will it be towards the property industry?

Then there are events in the wider world. What impact will the ailing Russian economy and ongoing conflicts in the Middle East have on the flow of money into London and the rest of the UK - especially now they are being hit by plummeting oil prices? What effect will a cooling Chinese economy have on investment?

Property’s brightest and best dust off their crystal balls and share their predictions for the coming 12 months.

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