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A Level Results 2022: what students and parents need to know

Posted on 16 August 2022

For the first year since 2019, students took their public examinations in the normal fashion and are now awaiting their results later this month. In both 2020 and 2021, no examinations took place. The ensuing appeals process was altered significantly to match the use of an algorithm in 2020 and teacher-awarded grades in 2021.

This year, as the examination cycle returns to something more familiar, the appeals process has evolved again. We outline below the process in England & Wales.

The appeals process in England & Wales

  • A Level Results Day in England and Wales is on 18 August 2022.
  • On and after this date, centres (i.e. schools and colleges) may request Post-Results services on behalf of students. Various services are available, so students should discuss with their centre which is appropriate as soon as possible after receiving their results.
  • Notably, a 'priority' service is available for students whose university or college place is contingent on A level results.
  • If students are still not happy with their grades after receiving the outcome of a Post-Results service, their centre may then pursue an appeal on their behalf.
  • Finally, if students are dissatisfied with the decision of an appeal hearing, an appeal may be made to the relevant Exam Procedure Review Service.

What students should do before and on A level results day

  • Make sure you are aware of your predicted grades and the required grades for entry to university or employment.
  • Collect your results as early as possible and ensure you have your UCAS information and contact details for your preferred university's admissions office.
  • If you have missed your grades for your university or college, contact your university or college as soon as possible. They may be able to keep your place open until you have received the outcome of a Post-Results service, or they may be able to accept you even if you have missed your grades.

Should you have any questions regarding A level results and appeals, please do not hesitate to contact Victoria Pigott or another member of the Mishcon Education Sector Group.  

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