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AI compliance by design

Practical training and workshop support to implement AI systems in your business compliantly. 

AI is increasingly a driving force and a disruptor, reshaping industries and redefining strategies. Staying informed about the latest trends and breakthroughs has never been more critical.

Our 'AI compliance by design' training and workshop is built for all types of businesses looking to understand AI, leading to the development of a strategic action plan for its implementation in your business.


Awareness training

Our training is designed to provide you with an understanding of AI regulation and compliance, focusing on core concepts with an emphasis on the UK and the EU – the latter being a benchmark for regulatory compliance. We also recognise the importance of the international regulatory landscape and ensure our training encompasses a global perspective.

During the training we explore the AI principles below:

  • Safety
  • Security and robustness
  • Appropriate transparency and explainability
  • Fairness
  • Accountability and governance
  • Contestability and redress
  • Social and environmental well being

Throughout the training we use real life examples to demonstrate how you build compliance into your organisation when implementing or using AI. This is designed for anyone in the organisation and we can tailor this towards specific groups if preferred.

This is a 60 minute training session with a 15 minute Q&A built in, and can be delivered in-person or virtually.

Course summary
  • AI compliance by design
  • All types of businesses looking to understand AI
  • Safety
  • Security and robustness
  • Appropriate transparency and explainability
  • Fairness
  • Accountability and governance
  • Contestability and redress
  • Social and environmental well being
  • Awareness training
  • Deep dive workshop


Deep dive workshop

Our deep dive workshop can help your business to transition to a phase where you can implement compliant AI systems.

The structured workshop engages your team to explore a specific opportunity for AI application.  Our workshops are most impactful when you have a specific idea of how you want to implement AI within your business.

For example, if you are considering rolling out GenAI as part of your customer journey, we will guide you through the specific compliance issues to consider and practical mitigation steps to take, with a focus on IP, data protection, and AI regulation.


Our workshop approach is as follows:

1. Preparation

We will prepare for the workshop by understanding your requirements at a high level, and then creating a specific questionnaire to help to get a greater level of detail.  All responses will inform the content and structure of the workshop.

2. Workshop

We will create a bespoke workshop structure and utilise the key items identified in the preparation phase.  The workshop typically lasts 90 minutes, and we recommend conducting it face-to-face, although remote sessions are available if preferred.

3. Recommendations

Following the workshop we will produce an action plan summarising and prioritising the output of the workshop and our recommendations for how to compliantly implement AI into your business.

Course leads

Ashley Williams


Anne Rose

Managing Associate

Raj Shah

Managing Associate

Next steps

To find out more, please download a brochure. Or to kick off your project, please contact the Mishcon Academy

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