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MDR Cyber: Incident Simulation and Exercises

The best learning comes from practice. Many business management or cyber security teams will not have experience of dealing with incidents or will have theoretical training.

We prepare and deliver tabletop cyber incident response exercises to test your ability to respond. An exercise has the dual purpose of stress testing the processes and plans in place as well as helping individuals learn experientially in a safe environment.

We work with your team to understand the risks you face and the crown jewels within your organization, as well as to understand the objective of the exercise. Without an overriding objective an exercise is less meaningful and will not highlight gaps in capability.  We lean heavily on cyber threat intelligence and our own experience to make sure that incidents are as realistic and up to date as possible.

Our team will conduct the setting up, planning, delivery, and post-exercise activities required for a thorough exercise.


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We regularly share our threat intelligence, cyber security research and our views on developments in the sector. If you'd like to receive these from time to time then please provide your information here.

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How can we help you?

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