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FinTech is a term used to describe a variety of innovative financial technologies and business models in such areas as payment solutions, trading and clearing, lending, financial advice services, retail and consumer banking, insurance, wealth management, crowdfunding, and investment platforms. These developments are creating market opportunities to drive growth while enabling both financial institutions and FinTech focused technology providers to deliver their services more effectively. FinTech also provides an opportunity for existing market participants to diversify their product range, improve efficiencies, manage risk more effectively and reach a wider customer base.

FinTech businesses must also be mindful of the constantly evolving web of global regulation within which they operate. In this respect, RegTech businesses are working to disrupt the regulatory landscape by providing technologically advanced solutions to the ever increasing demands of regulation and compliance within the financial industry, whether that be in relation to transparency and reporting, anti-money laundering or bribery and corruption.

The legal and regulatory environments occupied by FinTech and RegTech are increasingly complex. Our diverse team of experts is comprised of lawyers, developers and academics. We are well placed to advise on and assist with the technical and strategic implementation and exploitation of FinTech and RegTech applications within your business, from proof of concept phase to final roll-out and ongoing operation, all the while ensuring compliance by design.

MDRxTECH, our dedicated digital transformation business, also work closely with a wide range of clients to design, engineer and integrate impactful and compliant FinTech and RegTech systems within their organisations.

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If you are interested in one of our workshops and/or would like to discuss FinTech and RegTech further with one of our experts, please get in touch with any member of the FinTech team, the MDRxTECH team, or your usual Mishcon contact.

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