Sports Group Summer Reading List

The Legal Realities of AR Technology

How can the major clubs use technology to attract more people back into their stadia and retail concessions?

Sports stars: the use of trade marks for merchandise & branding

What should sports stars bear in mind when registering their nicknames as trade marks for merchandising and branding purposes?

Football bankruptcies - a cautionary tale

Despite the vast sums of money in football why have some high-profile players been made bankrupt in recent years, and a handful of clubs been placed into corporate insolvency procedures?

esport player contracts

In the quickly evolving world of esport, managing relationships between an esport organisation and esport players can be difficult. The consequences of handling a player dispute badly or getting a player contract wrong can be costly to say the least.

The 'milkshaking' problem

The administration of performance enhancing drugs to equines 'milkshaking' is an issue receiving little media attention, despite the economic value of horse racing being £1.1 billion.

Match-fixing and doping in esports: the need for regulation

This article explores the rising numbers of esports players receiving permanent bans for match-fixing and illegal betting, as well as a rise in hacking an opponent’s software or using performance enhancing drugs to maintain concentration.