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MDR Cyber Threat Assessment: Cybersecurity implications of conflict in Ukraine

Posted on 25 February 2022

Read the full report here.

This report is intended to help cyber security teams manage requests for information on the potential risk issues emerging from the current conflict in Ukraine, and to answer the question "What should we be doing?". It is based on a range of open-source reporting and our own collection, as well as our analysis of potential risk scenarios. We would welcome your feedback, comments or own analysis.

We are not recommending any specific change in the current cyber security posture for UK businesses, but a need to keep a close eye on the situation in Ukraine as it develops.

As events develop staff should be careful when sharing information on social media that may be incorrect or misleading. Much reporting from Ukraine is unconfirmed and there is a high-risk of misinformation or campaigning for a particular viewpoint being associated with your brand.

Where organisations have staff or operations in-country we recommend that the level of risk is assessed, and that business continuity and incident response plans are reviewed if this has not been done so already. Physical safety should be a priority, along with planning for some of the potential practical issues with leaving Ukraine.

Where company operations are present in Ukraine, we recommend a further assessment of specific security controls for systems in-country and their impact on wider networks and business continuity.

Many organisations will rely on IT outsourcing arrangements with Ukrainian businesses. There is the potential for business disruption where systems or personnel that support specific business processes such as helpdesk or support functions, are located in Ukraine. This is most likely to be as a side-effect of potential reduced network capacity, cyber operations targeting Ukrainian systems, or population displacement.

There is likely to be ongoing impact from offensive cyber operations within Ukraine including the targeting of government services, financial and other critical infrastructure. These will have an impact on individuals accessing some services within Ukraine as well as the continuity of business operations.

Read the full report here.

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