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An overview of TLB Legal Consultancy

When: Monday 9 May 2022Time: 14:00 - 15:00 BST

Electra Japonas started TLB in 2017, having spent 10 years in-house realising that the key to an effective legal function is user-centricity. Electra never understood why terms and conditions were written so inaccessibly or why the 'legal' elements of a product user journey were ignored.

TLB believe legal can and should be doing so much more than merely 'protecting' the business. It can propel it. TLB is a strategic legal design consultancy that helps businesses design legal user journeys, contracts and processes that work brilliantly.

In February 2021, TLB launched an idea: oneNDA – a standard NDA that can be adopted for any use and therefore eliminates the need for negotiation. To date TLB has 10,000 people who have engaged with the initiative, spanning 44 countries across the globe.

In this session, Electra Japonas (CEO and Founder) and Roisin Noonan (COO) will be discussing new initiatives and ideas to challenge your thinking on how the legal function should work. 

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How can we help you?

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