Cyber is politics by other means

Posted on 15 September 2016 by Joe Hancock. Source: Business Shapers

Cyber is politics by other means

The release of highly personal information on Simone Biles, Serena and Venus Williams, Bradley Wiggins and Chris Froome, amongst other athletes from WADA (Word Anti-Doping Agency), seems to be the latest Cyber element in the continued geopolitical fallout. WADA has attributed the leak to a Russian hacking group who has accessed WADA databases, including confidential medical information, through a compromised account created for the Rio Olympics.

The current issues seem politically motivated, and previous announcements by the New York Times that their Moscow Bureau has been targeted by cyber attackers form other public moves in an on-going geopolitical conflict between Russia and the United States playing out through cyber means.

The recent release of hacking software thought to be used by National Security Agency by a group called the Shadow Brokers, may sound like a plot from a 21st century spy novel, but indicates that cyber issues are a still a big part of the political, economic and business landscape.

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